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PostSharp is the #1 pattern-aware extension to C# and VB. It allows developers to eradicate boilerplate by offloading repeating work from humans to machines. Includes some the most common patterns and gives you the tools to build your own.

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by uribahbut | Wed 3:53 PM

this product save me 30% of development time .
it make the code much readable , and let the developer concentrate on the business .
we started using the cache , logging , session , and exceptions aspects .
great work !!

by Amirghz | October 07 2016

A very powerful, excellent, tool for .NET, amazing company, amazing support. amazing documentations and examples.

This tool will save you hours and hours of work and headache.

Thank you postsharp :)


by Olivier Dahan | October 07 2016

You can do so much things in a new way with PostSharp, make a cleaner code, focus on more important things...
Really a must have.
They're tons of tutors and videos to learn all the subtleties.
Beginners as C# expert will find a new pleasure in coding.
I Love It !

by phiggis | October 07 2016

Excellant I have managed to cut down the about of boiler plate code by 12 thousand lines, methods are much smaller and clearer as a result

I havent tried any of the other architectual techniques yet.

by edore_allies | September 30 2016

I discovered PostSharp while assisting at a developers conference in Ottawa 5 years ago and I use PostSharp since then. From then I never looked back and can't imagine making boilerplate code like before. When I see a situation where I keep repeating the same boring stuff, I often create a custom aspect in order to remove all the noise from my code and ahhh.. I feel better!

Every serious developer should take a look at it and take some time to watch one of the many video tutorials available online. That's the better way to convince your colleagues of the benefits of using it.

Happy PostSharping!

by Conrad Akunga | September 22 2016

Absolutely brilliant tool that makes development a pleasure.

by Arkady.M | September 21 2016

I'm newby with PostSharp, but what i realized is - PostShare make me happy everyday, because save a lot of my time. Havily reduced time to repeating steps, like write try-catch over whole method or add logging and so on.

by #Coder | August 22 2016

Absolutely love this product, have used it on several projects for validation purposes and logging/tracing. Looking forward to leveraging more of its services in upcoming projects. Highly recommended.

by Dto generator | August 18 2016

Definetely best AOP option for .NET.

by DeLange21 | August 10 2016

Postsharp is a wonderful extension to my C# experience. It saves a lot of boilerplate code and is intuitive in the use of it.

by DevinS22 | August 10 2016

Fantastic tool which saves novice to advanced developers hours over the course of a project. Highly recommended!

by Wahib MKADMI | July 21 2016

This plugin made my life better, literally...

by indigocy | June 28 2016

Amazing add-on, highly recommended. Have been using it for quite a while and definitely improves my productivity.

by rontunerd | June 20 2016

I was searching for a .net AOP-Framework when I came across PostSharp. Beside common things like the notifypropertychanged-attribute and logging - I found it awesome that I could add Aspects to an external Assembly. Great Tool and nice support.

by MDCSDFRWEDDE | June 20 2016

by A_t_A | June 08 2016

Must have for any serious developer.

by dotScience | June 01 2016

A very powerful, excellent, tool for .NET development which makes implementing critical solution-wide functionality ... that has, historically, been problematic, like effective Property change notification, easy modification of threading for selected methods, and logging ... not only possible, but, possible in a way that simply has not been possible before.

Once you have started using aspect-oriented programming (AOP) with PostSharp, you will come to rely on it.

Highly recommended.

Bill Woodruff
CodeProject MVP for 2015

by aspnet-freelancer | May 18 2016

Excellent product, make it very simple to do common talks like logging and caching via attributes (annotations). Very powerful capabilities. Lovely way to move distracting code out of actually-doing-something code

by Jacques Laforest | May 18 2016

I have been using PostSharp since version 2 and I am often involved in refactoring existing applications.

The PostSharp framework has been outstanding for addressing cross cutting concerns, reducing boilerplate code as well as implementing architectural features.

It is part of my standard tools for application development.

by Reiner.Velte | May 16 2016

We have a great product here to enable any developer to use aspects
in real projects.

There is support for beginners, tons of samples, an active community,
ongoing development, seamless integration in Visual Studio
and broad acceptance out there.

Until now I found PostSharp useful in all my projects.

If I don't want to repeat myself in Code, aspects are a great tool.

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  • PostSharp 4.3 Licensing
    2 Posts | Last post 11:05 AM
    • Hello,
      I have a question about new licensing in 4.3 in PostSharp Express license. From what I see there is a 10 class limitation, but does it apply to all aspects? Or only those that were above Express exclusive in earlier version? As the sentence "Limited to 10 target classes per project" seems very vague so I would like some more information in that topic. As earlier there was no limit to Aspects like MethodInterceptionAspect - is it still the case?
      Best regards.
    • Hello,
      details of the limitations are documented here:
  • Silent installation for post sharp tools
    5 Posts | Last post 11:03 AM
    • Hi.
      I want be able to silent install post sharp tools for visual studio,
      Using the post sharp trial version.
      I tried to use the .vsix file,
      but considering that I don't have a license it is problematic.
      Is there a way to do that?
    • Silent installation is currently unsupported. We will work on this in PostSharp 4.3.
    • Hi Gael.
      There is a real need for it.
      I am looking forward to this version/feature to be ready. 
    • Hi Gael.
      I wanted to know, I reviewed the release notes.
      I didn't see that the silent install is supported.
      Is there an update about this in the 4.3.x version?
    • Hello,
      this feature has been moved to PostSharp 5.0, which is going to be released as a preview soon.
  • Can not install Compiled Images !!!
    2 Posts | Last post 11:00 AM
    • Can not install Compiled Images on PostSharp 4.3.21 and Visual Studio 2013.
    • Hello, there is a bug in this version. You can
      - either update the PostSharp NuGet package to a later version (not necessarily the VS extension)
      - or install the compiled images via command line: %programdata%\PostSharp\4.3.21\bin.Release\PostSharp.HQ.v3.0.exe /installcompiledimagesimpl
  • PostSharp not available for update in Extensions and Updates?
    2 Posts | Last post August 09, 2016
    • I just updated my project from PostSharp 4.2.22 to 4.3.15. However, I'm not seeing the option to update the PostSharp tools in Tools/Extensions and Updates (it doesn't appear in the Updates section).  In the Installed section, it's showing PostSharp version 4.2.22 installed, with "Automatically update this extension" checked.
      And yet, when I build the solution, I'm getting the following warnings:
      The version of PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio (4.2.22 is installed for Visual Studio 14.0) is older than the version of the PostSharp Nuget package in this project (
    • Uninstalled and reinstalled seems to have done it.
  • ETW support for logging
    7 Posts | Last post July 28, 2016
    • Do you have any plans to also support ETW ( as logging option in PostSharp (
    • There is no plan to implement support for ETW (we didn't exclude it) but we do plan to make it possible to write custom back-ends much more easily than before. This work is planned for the winter.
    • ok, thanks.
    • any progress about this?
    • This is planned for PostSharp 4.3 with first releases in late String 2015.
    • ok, thanks for the information.
    • any update? Will this be added to 4.3? I cant find it on the 4.3 RC release notes (
  • The Signature of PostSharp-4.2.18.exe is corrupt or invalid
    2 Posts | Last post February 02, 2016
    • When trying to download the latest version of PostSharp, IE throws fails signature validation. I am attempting to download to install tools for VS2015. 
    • Thank you for reporting the issue. We are working on it. It seems to be related to the deprecation of SHA1 in Authenticode.
  • Disabling nug window PostSharp Configuration on try to compile a project inside VS
    4 Posts | Last post December 22, 2015
    • First of all I should say I hate your product (P#). I use it just because other my team mates prefer not to write contracts for methods but use your automagic to imitate some of them. We had so many troblems with your magic!
      Now we did upgraded our environment from mix of VS2010 and VS2013 to pure VS2015. During this process we upgraded P# from 2.2something to 4.1.14. I don't know why it isn't the last verision, hope it doesn't mean a lot. We used to put version 2 into TFS but version 4 requires to install it using NuGet and seams like you don't support old scenario. It is the first hate-point. But anyway I've put P# into TFS and unistalled it from my VS. We really don't need all of your fancy features, just some aspects to control not null parameters and things like that. I can build the product from command line. It's ok but had to remove so many junk you add when install P# using NuGet!!! It is the second hate-point 'cause I should remove this junk from more than 100 projects.
      After I've removed this very extension from my VS I cannot build any project from inside VS! This THE MAIN hate-point! Every time I try to do it, I have a nug window "PostSharp Configuration" with request to Install PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio!
      How I can avoid use your f... extension for VS and still use your odd job P#?
    • Hi Mike,
      I'm sorry to hear your disappointment with the new version. I would like to thank you for sharing your negative experience. It is very useful. Positive feedback makes us feel good, but negative feedback makes us progress. The latter is more important.
      You pointed very important points. Other users have mentioned the same frustrations and we already started working on it. We decided to address the following points in PostSharp 4.3:
      1. There will be an alternative to using NuGet. The old good "zip" distribution will be back.
      2. The VS extension will no longer be required. However it will be highly recommended if you want to have a decent debugging experience.
      3. We will have a proper uninstaller.
      4. We will not require a license to compile project that have been just freshly checked out from source control and not modified.
      To answer your question specifically, you can avoid  using the extension by defining the following environment variable or MSBuild property:
      As a last point, please note that PostSharp is not for everybody and for every project. If your colleagues selected PostSharp only for code contracts, it is possible that the code savings may not pay off the friction. The more patterns you automate with PostSharp, the more it pays off. We can neither validate neither invalidate the design decisions that your team did. PostSharp is a sharp tool, and needs to be used with care.
      I hope this helps.
    • Thank you Gael for your positive answer on my negative and emotionfull feedback! I really don't like any "magic" in code but I should use it in our code. I prefer to be explicit in my code.
      Anyway thank you for your replay. I'll check it out.
    • I've created environment variable PostSharpSkipVsxCheck=True, reloaded VS and rebuilt a project. That works! No nug window anymore!
  • Alex G
    2 Posts | Last post November 26, 2015
    • Hi guys, I tried to install PostSharp for VS 2015 under Windows 10 and I've got unexpected error, can you help me with that?:
      ---> PostSharp.Sdk.UserException: Could not start VsixInstaller.exe: The VSIX installer process failed with exit code -532462766. ---> PostSharp.Sdk.UserException: The VSIX installer process failed with exit code -532462766.
         в PostSharp.HQ.Vsx.VsxProcess.InstallVsxTask.ExecuteVsix(String vsixPath, Boolean elevated) в c:\src\PostSharp-4.1\UserInterface\PostSharp.HQ\Vsx\VsxProcess.cs:строка 428
         --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
         в PostSharp.HQ.Vsx.VsxProcess.InstallVsxTask.ExecuteVsix(String vsixPath, Boolean elevated) в c:\src\PostSharp-4.1\UserInterface\PostSharp.HQ\Vsx\VsxProcess.cs:строка 433
         в PostSharp.HQ.Vsx.VsxProcess.InstallVsxTask.Execute() в c:\src\PostSharp-4.1\UserInterface\PostSharp.HQ\Vsx\VsxProcess.cs:строка 401
         в System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()
    • -532462766 is general exit code for unhandled exception. This usually happens when the installer is executed with insufficient rights. We are going to address these kind of issues soon. In the mean time please, could you try to run the installer as administrator? If it doesn't help, please could you report this issue to our forum ( and attach a VSIXInstaller_*.log file that is created during installation in %temp% folder?
  • silent install
    6 Posts | Last post August 21, 2015
    • Hi, I need to deploy this extension on a farm of machine. Is there is a silent or unattended installation option?
      I tried /q but got a pop up command prompt instead.
    • If you're talking of a farm of build servers, then PostSharp does not need to be installed at all because it is deployed through NuGet.
      If you need to deploy the VS tooling to many desktop stations, the best is to ask all developers to install it manually on their machine. If you're a commercial customer please contact our support and we may be able to help automate the deployment, but there is no easy option.
    • If the official answer is that I can no longer have an unattended install option to my development environment, then I guess I'll have to look at one of the other Aspect-Oriented frameworks out there... Please don't let the answer be, "Install it manually..."
    • Could you please explain your deployment scenario? We generally don't get requests for unattended installation even from commercial teams of hundreds of users, so I would like to understand why it is so important to you.
      Thank you.
    • I work in an environment of about 60 developers where we try to automate every install we can... This allows us to pave a machine and then reinstall the complete development environment quickly and also ensures that the version of the Visual Studio extension stays the same across the environment. In the past, I've used the "vsixinstaller /q /a /i "" to install the extension into Visual Studio. We still use NuGet to handle the actual DLLs which is how the build servers get PostSharp and where the version of the PostSharp DLL is also project specific. The download link above now points to an EXE file instead of a VSIX file and the EXE appears to not have any way to script the install of the extension. My organization hasn't moved to this version yet and the older NuGet packages that we are using will install the extension relevant to the version of PostSharp used in the project so, for now, we’ll stick to that deployment method.
    • Sorry for late answer, I did not notice your reply.
      You can download the exe file from VS Gallery and unpack it with 7-zip. You will find two VSIX files inside, one for VS 2012 and one for VS 2015. From there you can use VSIXInstaller.
      I hope this helps.
  • Cannot installed on VS 2015 Enterprise
    2 Posts | Last post August 20, 2015
    • I can't install the PostSharp's extension on VS 2015 Enterprise, when I trying to install it, it says "Install 'PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio 2012-2013', at the end its installed on VS 2013 that I also have installed but no in VS 2015. I'm running on Windows 10 x64 Enterprise.
    • I've notice that it was previously installed, but for some reason I was enable but no available. I just uninstalled and re-installed and everything is working pretty fine.
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