Devart T4 Editor for Visual Studio

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Devart T4 Editor is a powerful Visual Studio add-in for editing T4 templates with syntax highlighting, intellisense, code outlining, and all features of first-class text editor add-in for Visual Studio.

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2015, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2008
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by jolablv | May 26 2016

please,update for VS 2015

Devart Software July 12 2016
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Devart T4 Editor is available for Visual Studio 2015

by Jimmy Main | April 28 2016

please update for 2015...

Devart Software July 12 2016
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Hello Jimmy,

Devart T4 Editor is available for Visual Studio 2015

by _mbedded | February 04 2016

Have installed this tool to compare it with Tangible T4 Editor. I have a variable declared in a code-block and input this variable in my Tempalte (e.g. <#= _myVariable #>). There are no errors in Tangible T4 Editor nor in the output file.
Devart T4 Editor displays 200 errors (because i can't values like var _myList = new List<string>() { "a", "b", "c"..}; because of the colons..
Same for foreach loops in code..
Syntax highlighting is good but it's bad that all correct parts of the code are displayed as error. Instantly uninstalled this tool again.

Devart Software February 09 2016
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Thank you for the report on this. There are known issues with IntelliSense in Devart T4 Editor. Our team is working on them now.

by Mark Good | September 22 2015

Syntax highlighting is buggy. It keeps turning all the T4 code to green so that it looks like a comment.

by Ouadjet | September 20 2015

Please update for VS2015 !

by Paul Lo paulky | August 18 2015

please please for vs2015.

by jim-my | July 29 2015


Great tool, come on guys, let's have an update for 2015...

by -james | June 17 2015

This is a download with rough edges, so don't go in thinking it's got the spit and polish of Devart's other apps.

Pros: Integrates with Visual Studio Options, and you can customize the syntax highlighting until your heart's content. Go to Options > Environment > Fonts & Colors, and then set "Show Settings for:" to "Text Editor." Next, scroll down to T4 ( Devart ) to customize the Display Items. There are other settings under Options > Text Editor > T4 (Devart) as well(Line numbers, tab size etc.)

Cons: If you're working in VB.Net, IntelliSense will drive you mad. Something is amiss. Just try to do a simple If Then ... End If and you'll see what I'm talking about.

4 out 5 Stars ( -1 for no VB) I know you'll fix this extension as time allows. Great work so far!

by qJake | June 03 2015

The IntelliSense is slow to the point where it gets in the way of coding significantly. I use T4 templates for HTML generation and typing a "<" character causes the whole editor to hang while the IntelliSense appears, even if I'm trying to type an HTML tag, not a T4 tag.

Additionally, if I type "<#" in quick succession, the IntelliSense gets in the way, and the result is that only "<" is shown (the "#" doesn't show). This is extremely frustrating and renders the product unusable.

Devart Software June 04 2015
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Thank you for the report on this. There are known issues with IntelliSense in Devart T4 Editor and our team is working on them.

by roschler | May 31 2015

Extremely useful and invaluable plugin that makes T4 template editing easier!

Kudos and some comments to the developers.

1) This plug-in was obviously designed for people using the Light theme in Visual Studio. It is really hard on the eyes when using the Dark theme. In fact, I have to switch my theme to Light when I do T4 editing. It's worth it, but is there a way to edit the color choices in this extension? I couldn't find a way to do that. If not, please add that ability to the next version.

2) Intellisense doesn't work for Tuple(s); not when creating them or when accessing the properties of a Tuple instance from a T4 control block or inline expression.

Thanks and thanks for the great add-in.

by Vandaveer | March 19 2015

Attempted to edit a stock Entity Framework 6 file in Visual Studio 2013 using this extension. Even after restarting VS it provided no intellisense and no syntax highlighting. It did provide dozens of errors in VS's error pane however.

Devart Software March 20 2015
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Thank you for the report on this. We have reproduced these issues. Our team will investigate them more clearly and inform you about the results as soon as any are available.

by Ondřej | March 13 2015

A must-have when you are working with T4 Templates.

by Triynko | October 21 2013

Intellisense not working as expected. If I type in Microsoft.DbContextPackage.Utilities, it will not list any of the types, such as EfTextTemplateHost. The file "" in the EntityFramework defines a variable of type EfTextTemplate host, but no intellisense properties show up. The DLL that defines the class (EFPowerTools.dll) is referenced in my project and is also explicitly referenced in the file as "<#@ assembly name="C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\11.0\Extensions\zcdxwgro.k3u\EFPowerTools.dll" #>", and it must at least be partially working or else it wouldn't be able to give intellisense for the namespace Microsoft.DbContextPackage.Utilities, which it does. I'm not sure where the failure is occuring, but other tools like tangible's editor seem to work (but for the EfTextTemplateHost class they show "#ProVersionOnly" where the members would be, which is annoying. I wish this free Devart version worked.

by Doug Ludlow | August 29 2013

by Ali.Alikhani | June 28 2013

by mayabelle | March 27 2013

I like this tool so far. The Intellisense works great for our purposes and the highlighting makes it easier to create/edit T4 files. I like that it's fast, utilizes my Visual Studio dark color theme, and doesn't interfere with existing Visual Studio features or with my other extensions, including Productivity Power Tools.

by Marcoslimagon | November 23 2012

I've installed other similar products. This was the only one that really works!!

Of course there is a lot of improvements to do, but this is the right way! keep it up!

by Manikya Mahesh Rali | May 15 2012

Devart Software May 17 2012
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Thank you for the high rating! We're glad you like our product!

by Max Kot | October 25 2011

It could be a good T4 editor but it blocks template processing if the template does not pass syntax check. Unfortunately, Devart extension does not support all of C# syntax.
A better solution would be to leave error hints as is (even if they are wrong) but let TextTemplatingFileGenerator decide whether the template can be processed.

by jrad | August 17 2011

Editor does not appear to support this

if (myType.IsGenericType && myType.GetGenericTypeDefinition().Equals(typeof(Nullable<>)))

it complains at, typeof(Nullable<>)

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  • for VS2015?
    5 Posts | Last post July 11, 2016
    • Really appreciated for this.
      But since I use VS2015 now, could we have this tool for VS2015 edition?
    • Hello Paul,
      Our team is working on Visual Studio 2015 support now. Please, wait for new updates.
    • While waiting for an official VS 2015 relese, you can follow these steps to allow installation of the 2013 version into VS 2015:
      1. Download the VS 2013 vsix file.
      2. Change file extension to .zip and extract.
      3. Find the extension.vsixmanifest file and open in text editor of your choice.
      4. In the SupportedProducts -> VisualStudio node change the attribute Version from 12.0 to 14.0.
      5. Zip together the files again.
      6. Rename from .zip to .vsix.
      7. Double click to install.
      I've tried it briefly and it seems to be working ok.
    • Using deap82's instructions, here's a VS2015 vsix file.  I've been using it and it seems to work well.
    • T4 Editor for Visual Studio 2015 is released.
  • doesn't recognize optional parameters
    5 Posts | Last post November 11, 2015
    • when calling a method with an optional parameter, e.g.
      GetTypeName(edmType, isNullable: null, modelNamespace: null);
      the editor marks the colon and things after it with error squigles, although it's perfectly valid syntax.
    • I can confirm this behavior.
      The transformation will run fine but the editor shows Errors.
      Is there a way to fix this?
    • It's happening with me too, the t4 run fines but is showing a lot of errors in editor.
    • Got this too, although I had code running OK before.
      Visual Studio 2013 
    • Hello,
      Thank you for the report on this. This is a known issue. We will contact you a soon as it is fixed. 
  • Auto formmating
    1 Posts | Last post October 24, 2014
    • How does this work? My code doesn't auto format and I cant find an option to do so. I am using the latest devart in vs 2013 sp3
  • code coloring can improve
    2 Posts | Last post June 10, 2014
    • Types are not colored in Teal color as they should.
      Using VS2013 Premium Update 2.
    • this happens in variable declaration, and when calling a static method on a type.
  • How to activate?
    3 Posts | Last post June 03, 2014
    • Hi,
      I installed the T4 Editor in VS 2013 Pro.  Is there something that I need to do to activate it/turn it on?  When I open a .tt file, I'm not seeing any syntax highlighting or intellisense.  I do not see any difference in behavior from before I installed the editor.
      When I go to extensions and updates, I do see it in there, marked as installed.
    • Devart T4 Editor works with the .tt, .ttinclude, .t4 files. If one of these extensions is not opened in it, please right-click this file (*.tt) in the Solution Explorer and select "Open With" in the context menu. In the opened dialog box select "Devart Template Editor" and set it as default if necessary.
    • The Devart Template Editor is not already automatically there in the opened dialog box, would you know where to find it in the Visual Studio directory? I'm having more trouble than I thought trying to find it. Thanks in advance!
  • Vs 2013
    2 Posts | Last post January 10, 2014
    • Hi,
      is there a plan to offer this tool for VS 2013 and EF 6 ?
    • Hello.
      Visual Studio 2013 is supported by Devart T4 Editor since October 31, 2013. We have fixed the download links, and now they point to the download page, where you can select the file for your Visual Studio version.
  • Not working on VS2012
    4 Posts | Last post July 30, 2013
    • Why does this extension have the "Visual Studio 2012" and "VS2012" tags? It is NOT compatible with VS2012. I get this error during the install:
      24/04/2013 12:20:57 - Searching for applicable products...
      24/04/2013 12:20:57 - Found installed product - Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012
      24/04/2013 12:20:57 - Found installed product - Microsoft Visual Studio Premium 2012
      24/04/2013 12:20:57 - Found installed product - Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2012
      24/04/2013 12:20:57 - Found installed product - Microsoft LightSwitch for Visual Studio 2012
      24/04/2013 12:20:57 - Found installed product - Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Shell (Integrated)
      24/04/2013 12:20:57 - Found installed product - Global Location
      24/04/2013 12:20:57 - VSIXInstaller.NoApplicableSKUsException: This extension is not installable on any currently installed products.
         à VSIXInstaller.App.InitializeInstall()
         à System.Threading.Tasks.Task.InnerInvoke()
         à System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()
      Please, don't make me lose my time by lying about the supported version...
    • Hello Thomas, 
      There has been a wrongly placed link for the Get Now button. It is now changed and you will be redirected to the Download page where you can choose the edition of T4 Editor, as it is available in 3 editions, for Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012. 
      Sorry for the previously placed misleading information and thank you for pointing that out.
    • Thanks for your answer. I downloaded the extension using the new link, and it does work in VS2012.
      Thanks for providing this tool for free!
    • The link now points directly to the 2012 version, but I need the 2010 version. I found the download at, but the "Get now" button still needs to be fixed.
  • Dark Theme
    1 Posts | Last post July 05, 2013
    • I see one of the comments say that this works well with the dark theme in VS2012. Is there something special I need to do to make that work? Cause it is colored as if it is the light theme right now. (I haven't done anything after installing except for open a tt file.)
      I have Resharper installed as well, could that be conflicting?
  • Indentation problem
    1 Posts | Last post April 11, 2013
    • I write this:
      <# if(doesntNeedIndent) { #>
      <# } #>
      then I run feature [Format Document], it become:
      <#    if(doesntNeedIndent) { #>
      <#    } #>
      I think the code in same line with "<#" or "<#=" shouldn't be indented.
      Can you fix this?
      Thank you.
  • Visual Studio 2012
    2 Posts | Last post November 30, 2012
    • Will Visual Studio 2012 be supported? If yes is there a timeline for it?
    • We plan to release T4 Editor for Visual Studio 2012 soon, however we cannot provide exact timeframe at the moment.
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