Check for Compilation Warnings and Errors Check-in Policy (2008)


A TFS 2008 check-in policy that checks for compilation warnings and errors.

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by SilentBob101 | June 08 2010

It doesn't add anything. There are a lot of addins that are just standard visual studio behavior. This is one of them.

by Steven Wilssens | May 26 2010

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  • What with existing rules
    3 Posts | Last post June 08, 2010
    • I believe we're using the standard policy rules with team foundation.
      Will this tool use the same rules or overwrite them?
    • I installed it anyway.
      It doesn't add anything. If it only warns for errors and warnings, well, that's just dumb.
      Errors don't build and it's common sense to solve your warnings before checkin.
    • "SilentBob101" - common sense or not, this feature was requested some time ago, so it's useful to somebody :-)
      Seriously, it may be common sense, but so is adding comments during your check-ins and so is running unit tests before check-ins, and so is associating work items before check-ins, and so on...  Why do those check-in policies exist?  This is just another check-in policy to help remind those people who aren't necessarily thinking about it (or who may just not care unless someone is "asking" them to care by turning on the policy).
      This policy may no do "a lot" but it does what it does - well.
      Thanks for your feedback.  Jeff.