Enables Zen-style coding in Visual Studio 2010

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by bigbangtheorem | July 07 2012

by Luis.Ismael | June 28 2012

Thank you!!

by danny_su | April 23 2012

I created a new zen coding plugin for visual studio, supports the full features of zen coding v0.7, you can download it from

by bdukes | April 06 2012

by Kal-El1938 | March 28 2012

I have used Zen Coding with other editors and am a big fan. This implementation does the minimum of Zen Coding and only for HTML. This is by far the most limited implementation I've used.

pros : does do basic expansion

Cons: No CSS support,no HTML5 input support, generates unquoted attributes, wrap function doesn't appear to work, generation is limited to zen basics.

for div.class$*4

this: <div class= class1 ></div><div class= class1 ></div><div class= class1 ></div><div class= class1 ></div>

other(Notepad++):<div class="class1"></div><div class="class2"></div><div class="class3"></div><div class="class4"></div>

The Notepad++ rendering being what was desired.

In comparison to the core Zen Coding package this version is just too immature to be of much use to me. Easier to do with an editor with a much richer Zen Coding feature set and copy into VS.

by hellbinder16 | March 23 2012

I am really excited that this plugin exists in visual studio. I started using this in notepad ++ and thought I should search if this exists in visual studio. Extremely happy. Productivity is soaring. :)


by ralphderuijter | March 14 2012

Excellent plugin, this is gonna save me a lot of time. I salute you!

by ahsquared | February 08 2012

Great extension. Very nice to have this in Visual Studio. I give it 4.5 stars.

I would only suggest that when you expand the html, that it maintain the indentation. Right now when you expand the new code is placed at the far left side of the page. At the moment I do a ctrl-k,ctrl-d to format all the code to put it in the flow quickly, so not a big issue. Just wanted to bring it up.

Thanks again for this.

by mkizito76 | February 08 2012

Decent plugin. Keep up the good work.

by DisplayName2003 | January 24 2012

by Martin Meixger | January 18 2012

by jack0fshad0ws | December 22 2011

would've been a nice tool.. but
1. doesn't wrap id in qoutes instead blank spaces <div id= someid >
2. ignores outside element indenting

could be something with my vs.net 2010 ultimate config?.. (win 7 x64)

Yngve Bakken Nilsen January 03 2012
| Edit |

Sometimes a bug makes the quotes not appear.. All you need to do is go into Tools - Options - ZenCoding, and click OK (you can also change the quotestyle here). That should work for no.1.

by Wazp | December 21 2011

Works really good. Would be nice to have the CSS Zen as well, but that's about it.

Yngve Bakken Nilsen December 22 2011
| Edit |

I've got CSS Zen planned for > v2.0 :)

by ssrhodes | December 17 2011

I rate somewhere between 2-3 stars.
1. No KB binding? Do I really have to do this myself? Lame.
2. Doesn't seem to support [attrib=value]. Lame.

Yngve Bakken Nilsen December 19 2011
| Edit |

I didn't include KB binding since Visual Studio is so heavily customizable when it comes to this. Automatic KB binding would've made a mess for many users, plus you can choose yourself how you'd like to work with it.

Unfortunately there is currently a bug that forces you to use quotes around the attribute value, like so: [attrib='value']

Sorry you didn't like it.

by Olav Nybø2 | December 06 2011

Best Zen Coding extension I have ever used!
Keep up the good work m8!

by Hedgic | December 06 2011

Awesome plugin. Cant work without it

by Jason J. Rotello | November 27 2011

This has been added to my list of must-have extensions. Please add the ability to edit shortcuts.

Thanks for your contribution!

by Shion_ | November 24 2011

Great extension.

Works like a charm.

Solely one problem exists at the moment: You can't edit shortcuts.
You can delete it and add a new one, but this is a small problem if you have, like me, a shortcut that consists of really big structures. (Copy&Paste isn't working neither :()

Anyway: Keep up the good work! :)

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