Arduino IDE for Visual Studio 2010 - See other download for 2012, 2013, 2015, 15


For VS 2012, 2013, 2015, 15 please visit our extension page. Fully compatible Arduino Add-in for Visual Studio 2010 XP Users . Compatible with all Arduino versions. Also supports Teensy, ChipKit Energia msp430 and lm4f, optional usb/serial/net debugger for Arduino.

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by Kriangsak.Tak | August 04 2015

by torstorm | March 15 2015

ITs good and easy plugin. Just install , set arduino board and program like in arduino ide. Really cool.

by FEBit Bilişim | December 09 2014

Nice Tool,

Visual Micro December 14 2014
| Edit |

Thanks, what do I need to do to get the last star? :)

by Randy Knutson | September 03 2014

by james-hu | July 07 2014

This is amazing!

As a long time c++ developer I have grown very fond of the awesomeness of Visual Studio. It's truly great that I can use it with this extension to develop Arduino applications.

I have been using this extension with Visual Studio 2013 for a few weeks now and I have really enjoyed it. Intellisense works perfectly, the compiler integration is great and the Serial Monitor window is spot on. It's stable and fast when recompiling and uploading to my device.

I did try the Arduino IDE for 5 minutes; but quickly discovered that I couldn't go on like that (it lacks basic text editor features and common keyboard mapping like ctrl+tab).

Thanks for creating this!

by Spiked3 | July 03 2014

Not exactly free, as advertised. Yes free to download but it requires you to accept and install a trial of their pay for debugger. There is no option to not install it. And even though it claims open source, the only source is the for the install, that installs their pay for debugger.

I'd call it nagware at best.

Visual Micro July 05 2014
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Hi. Only part of this software is open source. You can switch off the nag screen that appears every approx. 30 days in the options and you can also click "Ask Me Later" to avoid configuring the debugger in the first place.

by John van Zijl | March 27 2014

Hi everyone,

Now this is a great tool for debugging those tiny processors almost as good a the big ones. It needs some getting used to, but don't give up, in 30 minutes you will wonder how you ever debugged before looking at blinking leds to tell you what's going on. Just look at the how 2's on youtube.

cheers and keep up the good work


by Imbanon | March 21 2014

I have been using Arduino IDE for ages, and it has served me well so far. But after a few thousands lines of code per sketch, it becomes hard to keep track of all your functions. If not anything else, imagine the scrolling!
That's where Visual Micro comes to the rescue. As it says, it's an addon that enables you to write code for arduino in other IDEs, in my case, Visual Studio 2013 Pro.
It works like a charm! If you have ever used Visual Studio, you know how good tool it is. Now imagine using all it's features for making sketches for arduino! It also supports debugging that you should really check out.
Did I mention that it also uploads your sketches? Well it does that as well!
For me, it has one and only one downside, and that is the popup window that alerts you that you have included spaces in the name of your sketch in the process of making a new project. Then you have to close it and do it all over again. This should really be automated just like in Arduino IDE.
But this is unnoticeable when you see the power of using an IDE like Visual Studio for programming. All thanks to Visual Micro. And it's free!
A huge thanks to developers!

by SilverEng | March 12 2014

Very nice product for an Arduino developer using Visual Studio.
I should say: a must to have to be efficient.

It really worth the money

by John Ewert | November 24 2013

Awesome and very first class add-on, makes developing for Arduino seem more of a professional platform and less of a hobbyists toy. The support is outstanding and very fast, and updates and fixes happen regularly. The extra cost to upgrade this to include the debug feature is the best value for the money I have seen in a long time. I found this indispensable after trying for only a few minutes. Very much recommended for programming your Arduino, ATTinys and similar. Thanks to Tim at Visual Micro for making this available.

by casterle | September 20 2013

Outstanding! Wouldn't want to make sketches without it...

by lifeaddict | August 01 2013

A very good replacement for the Arduino IDE (which is basically only a text editior). I like especially the Serial Monitor (which doesn't have to be restarted everytime you upload code - like in Arduino IDE).

It would be really necessary to make this available for Libelium Waspmote.

by DennisHill | May 24 2013

Excellent product and SUPER support! I used it to help develop my last project and it made it too easy (if that is possible). No more Serial.println statements sprinkled around the source trying to debug. Lightning fast re-compiles. This should be included by default in all Atmel Studio downloads!

by Heinz Kessler | September 22 2012

Even though the Arduino itself is a great piece of hardware and software, one of its weak points is the IDE. Every "serious hobbyist" fastly gets to the limits of this very simplistic IDE, which is not much more than a "notepad with a build button".
Arduino for Visual Studio enhances the Arduino experience by offering the whole power of a professional IDE.
The debugging options of the upcoming new version of Arduino for Visual Studio will make troubleshooting a lot easier.
Arduino for Visual Studio is a must for everybody except abolute novices and is highly recommended! 7 of 5 stars!

by Principia | September 21 2012

I've been using the plugin with VS2008 and have now upgraded to VS2012. The plugin is highly recommended - not least beacuse it leverages off all the VS functions like intellisense but also because I can switch between my other projects in c++ and c#. I can re-use code and also make integration across platforms much easier. I'm developing home automation systems using embedded micros networked to desktop machines.

by Nerp | September 21 2012

If you're doing work with Arduino, THIS is the plugin you need - Period. Full Stop.

Coding in the Arduino IDE is like coding on the toilet in a hotel room in a foreign country; by contrast, using this plugin is more like coding from a chaise lounge while sipping a piña colada in your back yard which is just steps from the ocean.

Thank you!

by Margriet Bruggeman | February 21 2012

Im in the process of doing a technical review for a book about Arduino, and this sure makes things easier. I'll recommend it to the authors.

by rei_vilo | January 29 2012

The IDE Arduino deserves

Arduino is a micro-controller with I/Os, serial and I2C buses. Development is done in C++ and heavily relies on libraries.

If the standard IDE provided by Arduino and based on Processing offers out-of-the-box and instant gratification, hides all the complexities behind a neat interface and does "just work", it lacks some nice features any evolved project requires.

Here comes the Arduino 1.0 for Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 with all the niceties of the Visual Studio interface. It requires the previous installation of the Arduino IDE to use all the libraries and the AVR tool-chain, so it ensures full compatibility of the code between both IDEs.

The features I use the most are: code sense, parameter tool tips, code snippets, objects browser and refactoring. Once tried, there's no way back to the standard IDE!

A forum is alive and the Visual Micro is responsive.

Highly recommended.

by JohnBlakey | January 27 2012

I've only played with it for about 30 minutes, but I absolutely love the the VS integration with the Arduino framework.