Adds customizable syntax highlighting.

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by Oren Trutner | October 03 2011

An excellent extension! I use it to show C# type definitions, method names and property names in a slightly larger, bold and proportional font. Makes the code *much* easier to scan.

I had to add my own "regexen" for methods and props. Some might see that as a disadvantage -- but it's a huge boon to just be able to go and define your own syntactic constructs for syntax highlighting.

This is a great free alternative to the paid "VS10x Editor View Enhancer" elsewhere in the gallery.

As I write this, version 0.3 is posted in the gallery, while github has version 0.4.

by OCamões | June 09 2011

By the simple fact that is the only plugin that I know that we can customize any file and i'm starting to think to uninstall Ultraedit you have 5 stars.

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