Moves a line up or down in the editor using shortcut keys.

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Visual Studio
2012, 2010
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by tadpad | July 01 2016

This is very handy!

by tkimovski | December 09 2015


by George Kalatzantonakis | August 28 2014

Seamless installation, works perfect out of the box!

by Johnny K Hansson | January 12 2013

Works perfect.

by Piggy | November 15 2012

by kalyfe | November 05 2012

by FKorb | October 26 2012

Happy to find this extension since changing over to 2012 - thank you very much.

by DaVince | October 18 2012

Wow! I really missed this when I migrated to VS2012.

by YoungjaeKim | October 10 2012

Thank you.

by ScruffyDuck | September 28 2012

Great stuff. I missed the one I had in VS2010 when I moved to VS2012!

by Bender Bending Rodriguez | September 27 2012

Nice. Works in html too (unlike another extension)

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  • Support VS 2013 plz
    3 Posts | Last post March 17, 2015
    • I loved this extension.
      Could you please make support VS2013?
      It does now show up in VS extension search result.
    • In Visual Studio 2013, this functionality is built in. ALT + UP/DOWN will move a line up or down.
    • I love this extension, don't know how I lived without it the past 20 years! 
      In VS2013 I found it was built in but there are no keys assigned to it. The commands to map keys to are called Edit.MoveSelectedLinesUp and Edit.MoveSelectedLinesDown. They are on the Edit > Advanced menu if you want to try them. 
      PS. Don't use the Resharper version - it tries to keep the code syntactically correct and therefore totally sucks!
  • Not working anymore
    2 Posts | Last post May 08, 2013
    • I installed power tools and that seems to have disabled moveline.  The functjionality in power tools does not work in html, so i deinstalled it.  But now even after deinstall and reinstall of moveline, i cannot get it to work.
      Any ideas?
    • Check to see which shortcut keys are assigned to the Tools.MoveLineUp and Tools.MoveLineDown commands: In the Visual Studio main menu go to Tools -> Options -> expand Environment -> select Keyboard.  In the "Show commands containing" box type Tools.MoveLineUp or Tools.MoveLineDown.  Assign the correct shortcut key if no shortcut is defined.
      If the correct shortcut keys are already assigned, another command may be using the same shortcut keys and interfering with MoveLine.  To check this, click in the "Press shortcut keys" box and press "Alt+Up Arrow".  This should list all the commands that use that shortcut key.  You can then remove the shortcut from those commands that are interfering.  Do the same with the "Alt+Down Arrow" shortcut.
      I hope this solves your issue.