Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 MSSCCI Provider 32-bit

Microsoft Free

Enables integrated use of Team Foundation Version Control with products that do not support Team Explorer integration.

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Visual Studio
2005, 2003
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by flori | February 27 2015

Not sure which VS
In the top: SUPPORTS Visual Studio 2005, 2003

In Description
System Requirements:
Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 or Team Explorer 2012.

I'll guess one is right

by SRichardson | October 04 2013

Installed it on my Windows 8 laptop and had VC++ 6 connected to Team Foundation Service in minutes. Good work guys!

by Ryan K. Riehle | April 04 2013

The MSSCCI Provider will not install on Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 203 R2, regardless of the service pack or edition - because it requires Visual Studio Team Explorer 2012, which is not compatible with those OS versions. Please update the requirements because people are wasting valuable time trying to install it on those OS versions because Windows Server 2003 is listed as compatible!

by Matt Ring | April 02 2013

MSSCCI works as it did with prior versions. The experience working with VS6, VS 2003 and VS 2005 isn't nearly as good as working with a Team Explorer-supported version like VS 2008 and up; but it does allow basic version control operations like check-out and check-in. It makes the experience just painful enough that developers are motivated to get that code upgraded to a newer version.

There is an outstanding bug with VS 2005 and TFS 2012 MSSCCI if you use the Comments Check-in Policy. As of this writing, this bug has been acknowledged by the product team, but no fix is available yet.

by TMesh | February 22 2013

When are you going to updated the documentation that the provider is NOT supported on Windows XP?

Taking a few minutes to update the documentation would save us a lot of time figuring out it is not supported.

by Chev Bryan | January 09 2013

It should be noted that Visual Studio 2012 cannot be installed on Windows Server 2003 SP1. I think the requirements should be more specific to help guide users.


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  • install or repair you Team Foundation Client
    4 Posts | Last post November 23, 2015
    • It seems like many (myself included) get this same error, but there's no help for it? 
      "Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Team Explorer or its tools are not installed or registered. Please install or repair your Team Foundation Client Installation".
      I seem to have 2012 Team Explorer installed and registered.  I see it in  VS 2012. I hit register link and am register. I try repeatedly, rebooting etc, and get the same error. 
    • Found my answer. Need to install as administrator, so running directly from website didn't work.  Instead save the .msi file locally.  To install the .msi as administrator I had to right-click on cmd.exe, run THAT as administrator, and then use command ...
      msiexec  /a "path_to_msi"
      Hope this saves someone some frustration. 
    • That method solved the trouble I was having. Thanks!
    • Actually, while that let me install it, I later got the error "Project could not be initialized (depends upon function)" when I actually tried to use it to bind Qlikview docs. I had to do something slightly different to make mine work:
      1) Run cmd.exe as administrator
      2) msiexec /i "[path_to_msi]" ALLUSERS=1
      3) When the installer asks 'Everyone' or 'Just Me', choose Everyone
  • Error with checkin policies in TFS2012
    3 Posts | Last post April 17, 2014
    • Our company have some legacy apps made with MS Visual Foxpro 9 SP2. We are migrating from Visual Source Safe to Team Foundation Server. We know we can only use Source control features with VFP and we wanted to use checkin policies to improve our work.
      When we try to do checkin to any modified object the following error appears:
      Error loading the Changeset Comments Policy policy (The policy assembly 'Microsoft.TeamFoundation.PowerTools.CheckinPolicies.ChangesetComments, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' is not registered.). Installation instructions: To install this policy, follow the instructions in CheckForComments.cs.
      First of all, we have the following config:
      -TFS2012 Ver 50727.01
      -Windows Server 2008
      -Visual FoxPro 9 SP2
      -MSSCCI Provider 2012 32Bit
      -VS2012 Update 2 (we use it for our .net projects)
      -MS Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 Update 1 Power Tools
      -Windows 8
      I have investigated in internet and so far I've encountered that we need to install TFS Server Power tools and it must match our VS version. I've installed but the error persists. I discovered that the installed TFS powertools corresponds to version 11.x and MSSCCI Provider despite being version 2012 is asking for assembly version 10.x. I tried to install the old 10.x version of MSSCCI but it requires to have installed a VS2010 product so I installed Team Explorer 2010 and I even Installed TFS PowerTools 2010 but The error remains. Please help me and tell me how to fix this issue. Thanks in advance for your help.
    • Hello Jairo,
      Are you seeing the checkin policy error when trying to check-in using MSSCCI, Visual Studio, or both?  We haven't heard about any issues using policies with TFS2012 and VS2012, so it would be good to try to narrow this issue down to the MSSCCI provider.
      Also, feel free to email me at mmitrik at Microsoft dot com so we can include others if needed.
    • I am also having this problem.  I am only getting the error at the SSMS 2012 check-in using MSSCCI 2012.  My VS 2012 is working perfectly fine.  I have TFS power tool installed.  Please help
  • Check-in Policy broken when used with TFS 2013
    1 Posts | Last post January 29, 2014
    • It looks like the latest version still has a bug when used with the check-in policy in TFS 2013.  I ran into this when integrating the MSSCCI with PowerGUI. When attempting to check in files, after supplying a comment, the policy will still fail.
      This was the configuration where this was repro'd:
      * Team Explorer 2012 Update 4
      * TFS 2012 MSSCCI 32-bit (9/20/2013 release)
      * PowerGUI 3.8
      * TFS 2013 RTM
      The check-in policy works as expected if you use Team Explorer 2013 and the TFS 2013 MSSCCI.
  • Still Not able to Install in Win7
    1 Posts | Last post January 27, 2014
    • I have installed VS2005 then installed VS2010 and then  VS2012 as pro version. Now I am trying to install this adapter and I keep getting error 
      "Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Team Explorer or its tools are not installed or registered. Please install or repair your Team Foundation Client Installation".
      Has this been fixed. Is there any solution. Its almost year and half still no workaround?
  • Installation message
    4 Posts | Last post January 06, 2014
    • Hi,
      Installation returns this message: "Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Team Explorer or its tools are not installed or registered. Please install or repair your Team Foundation Client Installation".
      SO: XP SP3
      VS: VS2005 SP1
      TFSC: TFE 2005 SP1
      What I forgot?
    • I am also getting the same message "Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Team Explorer or its tools are not installed or registered. Please install or repair your Team Foundation Client Installation" on the following installation:
      OS: Windows 7 (SP1). 32 Bit.
      VS: VS 2012 Professional
      TFSC: TE for Visual Studio 2012
      TFS MSSCCI: TFS 2012 MSSCCI Provider 32 bit.
      The TFS server I will be trying to connect to (once I have MSSCCI installed) is Windows 2008 R2 with TFS 2012.
    • Have either of you rec'd a response concerning this? 
    • I have a similar issue and have had it with VS2012 and 2013.  I have VS2013 Ultimate installed and is working with TFS 2013 perfectly well, same for TFS2013 power tools, and yet the MSSCCI (32 and 64bit version tested)install gives me the same message as Mike above.  I have installed Team Explorer alos, but neither TE or VS are detected.
      I've seen lots of question being asked by many people across forums on similar issue.  Would really appreciate a response please.  
      MSI log only show this:
      Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Team Explorer or its tools are not installed or registered. Please install or repair your Team Foundation Client Installation.
      === Logging stopped: 06/01/2014  16:33:13 ===
  • File extension missing from Visual studio 2012
    2 Posts | Last post December 06, 2013
    • Hello all,
      Using Microsoft visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 MSSCCI provider 32-bit, I stored Visual Basic 6 sp6 source code in 2012 TFS.  However the following file extensions are missing: .Reg, .Vbw, .log, .bas, .log, and .cls.  
      Can anyone shed light to why the files are missing?
      Thanks in advance
    • I was able to answer my questions through research.  Visual Studio 2012 has a way of not recognizing certain files.  You can add the files by comparing then adding in visual studio.
  • Won't install!
    2 Posts | Last post November 14, 2013
    • I am running a Win7 64bit instance, with VS2012.3 Ultimate.  When I try and install Team explorer, the installation will only allow a repair or uninstall of Team Explorer, perhaps because the functionality is installed in VS2012.  
      However, when downloading this component from the link above the application name comes up as "Team Foundation Server Power Tools 2012" in the IE Security Warning.
      When I run the installation, I get the message: "Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Team Explorer or its tools are not installed or registered.  please install or repair your Team Foundation Client Installation". Then exits.  The same happens for the 64bit download.
      My connection to TFS through VS2012 works perfectly, so does power tools.  I only want this component to integrate SSMS.  
      Please help!
    • I am getting the same error but with a slight twist. I was using TFS 2013, Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate, TFS Power Tools 2010, Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider 2010 and RoboHelp 9. Been working great for almost 2 years. Yesterday in coordination with out TFS host service we removed some old projects form the TFS collection but did not touch the RoboHelp project. Today I cannot synch RH version Control with TFS Source Control. I went through the process of uninstalling and reinstalling Power Tools 2012 (no issues there) and Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider 2012 which is when I get this same error. My TFS Client Installation is installed, and registered and was working. Now something's busted. Scouring the web but so far no luck. Anybody got an update? Appreciate any help. 
  • Any Update on MSSCII 2012 Installation pre-requisites update
    1 Posts | Last post July 16, 2013
    • MSSCII 2012 provider installation requires Team Explorer 2012 as mandatory component if you are installing it on WIN 7.
      Any update by MS on this??
  • Error on Installation
    2 Posts | Last post February 27, 2013
    • Why do I get the following message when I attempt to install the MSSCCI Provider?
      "Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Team Explorer or its tools are not installed or registered. Please install or repair your Team Foundation Client Installation".
      I am trying to get VS 2005 to connect to TFS 2012.
      What else do I need to do?
    • @Tom - Did you install Team Explorer 2012 as the message described?  You need to install TE 2012 *in addition to* MSSCCI 2012. MSSCCI 2012 will not work without TE 2012.  It's a free download.
  • Which OS is really Supported?
    2 Posts | Last post February 22, 2013
    • Hi, I wonder why Windows Server 2003 is still in the list of supported OS Version. AFAIK VS 2012 requires Win7 /Windows Server 2008 or above.
      If MSSCCI Provider requires VS 2012, then 2003 can't work.
      Or is there a way to get this TFS 2012 compatible MSSCCI provider to work with VS2010 without installing VS 2012 Teamexplorer?
    • The MSSCCI Provider requires VS Team Explorer 2012 which needs Windows 7 SP1 at minimum.
      It seems the description is simply wrong.
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