NUnit Test Application


NUnit Test Application, based on NUnit console runner

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Visual Studio
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by dfbell | May 06 2013


by ewinds | February 06 2013

by _Henk | August 08 2012

by XAML guy | February 11 2012

Excellent example, great for beginners

by nshifter | September 17 2011

I'm getting the error on the false case:
AssertionException was unhandled by user.

Ernest Poletaev September 29 2011
| Edit |

nshifter, it's demonstration of fail case, is not an error.

When test case fails You will see same exception. It's mean You can easely debug Your own test cases.

by Tom Hindle | June 08 2011

Worked well when I tested it with NUnit 2.5.10.

When running with debugger I had to turn of breaking on handled exception or it paused looking for log4net.

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