Assembly Version Manager


This extension enables the developer to easily manage the version of the assemblies that are referenced by the projects in a solution.

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by bwets | October 12 2011

The addon IS a life saver! I use it everyday to update my satellite projects to the latest version of my shared libraries. I dont know how I would do without it, actually I guess I would try to write the same addon.


This addon needs to be updated or made open source. Please, LivingAgile, make it better...
One of the thing that is badly needed is to reduce the amount of cleanup that happens when updating: to update 3 assemblies in 30+ project, it takes ages because it cleans up each project many times.
Plus, the grid could use some help, it feels sluggish and unnatural.
Also, would love the ability to manage easily major versions of a Build Set (2.0->3.0) so I could keep side by side updates.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the tool, I would be more than willing to buy the addon for my team (10 .net devs) to be able to get updates

by eCookie | July 14 2011

Helped me track down all the references in a huge project, really saving me time.

by Mark - Living Agile | November 12 2010

I am sorry to hear about the problems that some people have experienced with prior versions of the product. If anyone is still experiencing problems with the latest release, please contact me through the Living Agile website or through the Q and A tab on this page, and I will make sure to fix any bugs that are found.

by LFLF | November 08 2010

I installed this extension a long ago and disabled it, because I didn't use it a lot.

Today Visual Studio 2010 was crashing every time I open a project with:

So after spending a lot of time researching other extensions that I installed yesterday (Silverlight toolkit, etc), found that the Assembly Version Manager extension was somehow enabled again and after disabling it again the problem was solved.
Very anoying :-(

by Mark Good | July 09 2010

The configure button didn't appear in the window as shown in getting started guide.

by LivingAgile | May 06 2010

I created this extension to reduce the amount of time that I spend updating references in my projects, and reduce the chance of human error. This extension saves me time every day!

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  • If you experience a problem with the current release...
    1 Posts | Last post November 12, 2010
    • Rather than giving the product a poor review and then disappearing, please post something here or on the Living Agile website so that I can fix the issue and release a new version.
      Your help to improve the product is very appreciated!
  • If you have had problems with a previous version...
    1 Posts | Last post November 12, 2010
    • Please try updating to the latest version before posting a negative review. The latest release has been stable for several months and does not support from the issues that some reviewers have posted about previous releases.