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Visual Studio 2010 Extension for Team Foundation Server Source Control Explorer

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by Cory Blankenship | November 15 2013

Overall, this is a valuable extension, with one glaring exception: I run Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, and the few times that I have attempted to "Merge From Sources" on a feature branch, VS hangs indefinitely and I have to force the close and start over. This could be a valuable feature, however the fact that it causes VS to hang, for I-don't-know-how-long, in the few attempts that I have tried (attempt-hang; uninstall-reinstall-attempt-hang), it is a quite frustrating. This NEEDS to be fixed. Other than that, it's a great extension! :]

by Fredrik Folkeryd | October 31 2012

Very useful stuff!

by Dydek | October 19 2012

For the Destroy function alone, I am giving it four stars ... What a great time saver this tool is.

by Swtrse | June 18 2012

One of the most useful extensions.

by Jesse Houwing | April 04 2012

Adds a number of nice features to the Source Explorer. Many of these are things where you need to know what you're doing though. Dev releases updates regularly and listens to comments from the community.

by Parvez Bhuiyan | February 24 2012

It saved my time greatly. So far I am happy, though I have not yet explored all included features.

by Mike Benza | February 02 2012

I like the features this provides, but as another user said, it hangs when branching. It hangs for most large syncs -- so if you sync a new branch or create a new branch or just update a branch that is very out of date, this extension will cause Visual Studio to hang for hours (mine was typically 3-5 hours).

Holan Jan February 19 2012
| Edit |

Please try it again on latest release (1.0.4432.34208) with "Get Check In file date from comments in Source Safe converted projects" option off.
if it does not help try turn off entire "Change files date on Get" feature.

by t_jones3 | November 26 2011

Awesome extension ..however the game breaker is that it keeps on warning me with a popup what paths must start with $/

Holan Jan January 11 2012
| Edit |

This BUG is now fixed in latest build (1.0.4392.33134​​). Check it out, please.

by wbsimms | October 25 2011

This was very useful. However, after the VS2010 SP1 update, the extension caused team explorer to eventually stop working. I had to uninstall the extension. I'm looking forward to having it updated.

Holan Jan October 26 2011
| Edit |

My extension is developed and tested for VS2010 SP1. So there wouldn't be a problem specific to SP1. Try reinstall the extension, and if your current problem persist, please give me more information about errors and behaviour you are receiving.

Noticed anyone else this problem?

by Todd.Brown | August 17 2011

Great extension! Nice job supporting developers migrating from SourceSafe to TFS, apparently something Microsoft does not consider important.

The July update item "Fixed File icon change function" broke one reason for my download of your extension and I am hoping to get an enhancement.

TFS does NOT display nested folder branches with the branch icon, but prior to the July update your extension would show the files in the nested folder branch with a branched file icon. This is very helpful and was very similar to how shared files were displayed in SourceSafe. Any change to visually identify nested folder branches and their files would be greatly appreciated!

Holan Jan August 20 2011
| Edit |

I made a new release with new Change icon in branched folder option. However, default setting for this option is disabled.

by John H. Bergman | August 15 2011

Good, but I have to turn it off when I do a get of a brnahc because it hangs at the end of the get.

Holan Jan February 19 2012
| Edit |

Please try it again now on latest release (1.0.4432.34208) with "Get Check In file date from comments in Source Safe converted projects" option off.
if it does not help try turn off entire "Change files date on Get" feature.

by caveman_dick | August 01 2011

Wow what a great time saving app! :)

A couple of small requests.

1. Can it be licensed? Officially we are not supposed to use any software where the licence does not explicitly allow use in a commercial environment.

2. Can the destroy and show deleted options be split into two? It is useful to be able to show and hide the deleted items quickly, however I would like the Destroy option to be hidden as that is much more dangerous.

Also for clarification, does the "Merge from sources" only show files that have changes?

Holan Jan August 19 2011
| Edit |

License file added and show deleted options changed in August Update. Merge from Sources dialog shows all branched files not only modified files, if merge are executed, unmodified files are ignored.

by Urs.Meili | July 28 2011

hm, the first time I used the extension, VS 2010 SP1 already crashed :-( I copied some items from one branch to another, and some of the files already existed on the target branch.

Holan Jan August 19 2011
| Edit |

You need to add TFS sys.messages to TFS database, check note in my August Update.

by El Bruno | June 13 2011

Excellent !!!
However add a visible command to perform DESTROY actions is kind of dangerous, no? I preffer to use this option only from command line.


by quanxie | May 19 2011

by Peter Palotas | May 04 2011

I agree with the previous writer. Allow me to turn off the icons. Love the drag and drop feature and multiple file move, but currently it's just a bit too slow.

by EddieGarmon | March 09 2011

Updated Icons - I like the concept, but allow me to turn this feature off. It is way too slow. When I drill into folders that each have 5 or more items, each folder updates the icons for all items before it allows me to go further, which slows me down considerably especially when there are 20+ items.

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  • Can I Recover destory folder?
    1 Posts | Last post April 24, 2014
    • I just click the destory icon.
      But now I want recover the folder.....
      Any one can teach me?
  • Copying one project to another
    1 Posts | Last post September 12, 2013
    • Is there a way to copy an entire project?  For example, if I have made changes in MyApp_Test and I want to copy all these changes to MyApp_Prod, how can I do that? 
  • Feature Request: Cleanup
    1 Posts | Last post October 19, 2012
    • What a time saver the "destroy" menu-item is. Here is an enhancement idea:
      Cleanup - you right click on any folder/branch, it recursively finds all deleted items, and destroys them. 
      One comment: sometime, after destroying large number of items, the extensions does not refresh the parent branch on the left, nor on the right.
  • Feature Request: Filter shown Folders based on workspace
    7 Posts | Last post June 18, 2012
    • If you work with many workspaces it would be fine if the treeview of the folders only show the folders and their parents of the folders are mapped in the current workspace.
    • I can't do this, I haven't so much control over the Source Control Explorer window, all changes I made there are only modifications via reflection.
    • If I can, you can too.
      I will send you the source of my quick and dirty addin that does exactly what I want. Well the addin got finished after I posted this feature request, and after hours of try and error.
      However it is working with your extension side by side, but it would be no harm to add this functionality into your extension
    • Here is the link to the source code.
    • Thanks, I will look at it.
    • Sorry I misunderstood your request before.
      I added this feature now to the latest version (1.0.4550.18638).
      I added new toggle button next to Workspace selection ComboBox to turn on or off folder filtering. So if you need to add a new folder mapping to workspace, you can temporarily disable the filter for this action.
      It turns out, that Your code to take Explorer window TreeView is simmilar to my code in TFSSCExplorerEx​tension, I guess you take it from there :).
      However I changed filtering a little:
      Explorer.Workspace.Folders collection is needed to filter to folder.Type == WorkingFolderType.Map because Cloaked folders are there too.
      I add "/" character to folder compare logic, because if two folders have same prefix in name, also not mapped folder appears.
    • Yes, I did indeed take parts of your code, since your extension is nearly the only source of how to write an extention for the SCE. Well I gues that had made it easier to include this feature. 
      Well thank's for adding this feature and improve my prove of concept implementation.
  • Feature request: Roll back
    2 Posts | Last post April 04, 2012
    • The Team Foundation Server power tools add a Rollback changeset feature to the history window. I'd love a Rollback folder or rollback file(s) or rollback selection which would then show a pop-up allowing you to pick a version to roll back to.
    • I see that this is already present... Must have been blind :S...
  • Feature request: Force merge checkbox
    1 Posts | Last post April 04, 2012
    • After a rollback you sometimes need to force a merge between files in order to merge changes from an other branch. I'd love to have the force feature as part of the Merge window. Right now I'm using tf merge /force on the commandline to do this.
  • Merge From Source doesn't seem to work
    1 Posts | Last post March 16, 2012
    • We go to the Source branch and select "Merge from Source"
      It does show us all the files that are branched.
      If I choose a file or two and select OK I'm not seeing any pending checkins for the branched files.
      Am I not doing something correctly?
  • Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    10 Posts | Last post January 13, 2012
    • Hi, I've just installed the latest update of the extension (1.0.4368.19302) and now every time I start VS2010 an error pops up. It does not have an error code.
      The popup states:
          TFSSCExplorerExtension Error
          Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
      I'm using Win7 x64, VS2010 and TFS2010.
      What can be the problem here?
    • Seeign this too. I have the Team Foundation Service hotfix installed and my current VS instance is configured with two TFS Servers, TFS Service and Codeplex.
    • Same here on same configuration as wvdpost/Jesse have been posting: Win7 x64, VS2010(SP1), TFS2010(SP1) and two TFS-Servers (one within local net, one residing in extranet range).
      Beside that startup error, it seems to work ... - THX for great work
    • In addition to my initial post, we don't have 2 TFS servers but we use 2 Team Project Collections on 1 server. 
    • New version (1.0.4391.20307) now have Error reporting feature. Raise this error again and please send me generated error report.
    • Submitted
    • Tried to send the error from the new version, but trying to send results in another error (comes up twice) on my machine <chunked encoding upload is not supported in HTTP/1.0 protocol>.
      So here's at least the copy of error text:
      System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
         at IMP.TFSSCExplorerExtension.Components.MergeFromSources.QueryStatus(OleMenuCommand command)
         at IMP.VSExtension.ExtensionCommand.MenuBeforeQueryStatusCallback(Object sender, EventArgs e)
    • additional info, just saw wvdpost's last addition:
      => same here, one of the two TFS Servers runs _two_ collections
    • This error is fixed in latest build (1.0.4392.33134). Please try again.
    • Just installed the latest update, and it seems the error is gone :)
      Thanks! Great work!
  • BUG - TF10125 "The path'$' must start with $/"
    6 Posts | Last post January 10, 2012
    • Hi, Just installed your plug-in but it keeps showing the error message as shown above.
      it an old bug in your plugin (seen in previous versions)
      I'm using VS2010 against a TFS2010
    • Please give me detailed informations. What is the root and current folder mappings?
    • After checking at another machine.
      The message appear for each Team Project you are connected to which is not mapped locally.
      Is there a log file i can collect for you?
    • New version (1.0.4391.20307) now have Error reporting feature. Raise this error again and please send me generated error report.
    • Submitted.
    • This error is fixed in latest build (1.0.4392.33134). Please try again.
  • Undo unchanged
    6 Posts | Last post December 23, 2011
    • Great job!!!
      i've a question: i need a button to undo unchanged files in TFS.
      it's possible to integrate that in your extension?
      the way over external tools is not the best way because the button is in the context menu. 
      I would like to have a button in the toolbar of source control or pending changes view.
    • Sorry, I didn't have much time for this lately. Yes, it's a good idea. I implemented Undo changes to unchanged files feature similar to TFS Power Tools command "TFPT.EXE uu". Function is accessible from Pending Changes window toolbar.
    • Where is "Undo changes to unchanged files" in Pending Changes window toolbar at VS 11?
      I can find one at Source Control Explorer, but you know that is not the best place to use this command.
      And another serious problem...
      The changes in unsaved documents, will be treat as unchanged files...All my changes just disappear.
    • Yes, in VS11 is pending changes window part of Team Explorer and not tool window so I for now put "Undo changes to unchanged files" to Source Control Explorer toolbar. 
      I do not plan to change this yet, because VS is in Preview version only. I will change this later (perhaps for the VS11 Beta?).
      Thank you for reporting the problem with unsaved documents, I will look at it soon (hopefully).
    • BUG with unsaved files is now fixed in December 2011 Update (v 1.0.4368.19302)
    • Now I can see the "One or more files in the workspace are unsaved! Save or discard your changes before running Undo changes to unchanged files." message. Although this is "Undo unchanged", so that unsaved and checked-out files should be treat as "changed", I have 3 the better ways to deal with it:
      1. Compare the unsaved file current content to server item, if no difference found, then undo it.
      2. Just don't touch them, keep undo other saved and unchanged files.
      3. Ask for every unsaved files for "Keep changes" or "Undo changes".
      I prefer 1, then 2, last 3.
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