Layered Architecture Solution Guidance 2010


A collection of project templates and tools for simplifying the development of Layered Applications.

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by SIMON LOH ZI LIANG | May 05 2012

Gen through my way for entire solutions - no sweat!

by KHKIT | December 22 2011

Great tool! With the tool, i can speed up the coding process and concerntrate on the business logic process development!

by Eve Lee | December 12 2011

Great, i like this very much, it helps to save my time!!!

by Dawa Law | December 11 2011

This is one of the easiest guide to start off with layer architecture. There are few things that I really love about it is the code generation as well as step by step guidance which eventually speeds up the whole coding process.

Besides, you can now focus on the business process rather than spending time figuring out mistakes on your codes.

Great job!

by damienkin | August 03 2011

nicely done! keep it up!

by edwardkong86 | August 02 2011

Awesome! What a great tool, keep up the good work!

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