Collapse Selection In Solution Explorer

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Recursively collapses selected nodes in the Solution Explorer tool window.

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by shawn1874 | April 15 2015

The recursive collapse does not work at all as of today. It only works if every level was already expanded. After doing it once and then opening solution folders I find myself having to redo it over and over which is useless. Code Maid works a lot better than this. I was hoping to not have to install something with other unneeded functionality. I really just want something like this one that actually works so that I don't end up with a bunch of unneeded functionality in addition to what I need.

I use visual studio 2010. I should say that it is more inconsistent than anything. If I click on the solution itself and collapse all, it collapses the top level folders but it doesn't truly do it recursively if things are open at deeper levels within something that is closed above it. Therefore as you start to drill down into some folders you find things that are still expanded even though you thought you already did a recursive collapse.

by Mark Bearden | August 11 2014

Long, long overdue! Have been bemused for years that something this basic would have been left out in the first place.

by Alexey Kozlov | December 16 2013

by BrDaHa7 | November 15 2013

I've been sitting here for 5 minutes waiting for it to collapse a selection, only 3 levels deep. This plugin is crap, it's easier to use the Powertools version called Collapse Projects:

by Hurleyman77 | August 05 2013

Does exactly what I need, and very easy to install. Only detractor is the lack of "expand" for ctrl+alt+Num(+), but that's not as useful as the recursive collapse.

by bpell | April 22 2013

by Amberg | January 30 2013

by chwi | November 19 2012

It does what it promises, but is veeery slow doing it. Collapsing a minor project with just some hundred items lasts more than 20 seconds - I'm faster doing this manually - at least when only collapsing the first level, which is good enough in most use cases.

by Boris2000 | September 07 2012


And even better is that this extension is no longer needed in Visual Studio 2012 as that version has this feature out of the box.

by RajuATP | July 20 2012

Superb tool... solved my big issue :-)

by I Code Freely | July 19 2012

As others have said, should be a built-in feature. Also, would be nice if it toggled (collapse / expand).

by Dave-JD | June 15 2012

Simple, clean, effective. This should absolutely be built-in!

by Dragan Radovac | May 11 2012

This is cool. Although, it would be nice if it expanded all the nodes as well.

by rumxaml | April 11 2012

Perfect. Should be built-in.

by pukalski | January 10 2012

Lightweight, works as described - awesome. Sometimes it's the little things in life that make my day go smoothly. Like a Collapse button in my solution explorer.

by Kirill Osenkov - MSFT | January 10 2012

Works well and is faster then then PowerCommands implementation! I also like that it's stand alone.

by cemsacma | December 08 2011

Thank you, very useful.

by Daniel Cheida | November 06 2011

Agreed.. should be built-in

by sipla | October 05 2011

This should've been a built-in feature in every Visual Studio since forever. Works just as expected.

by Chris Lively | August 11 2011

Perfect. Thanks.

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  • Any chance of getting source code?
    3 Posts | Last post December 03, 2013
    • The extension looks really cool, and I would like to create some tool window enhancements of my own.  Is the source code for this extension available?
    • @jmarsch,
      The source code for this particular extension is not available. But, a number of sample extensions are available at Look at "Shell Samples" and "Project and MSBuild Samples" samples if you want to do tool window enchancements.
      Thanks for your feedback on this extension.
      - Pavan Adharapurapu
      Software Developer,
      Visual Studio Project and Build team,
    • Is there a VS2012 version of this?