Code Effects ASP.NET and MVC business rules engine


Code Effects .NET business rules engine allows creation, modification, validation and evaluation of complex business rules, as well as creation and execution of complex rule-based LINQ data filters for virtually all established LINQ providers.

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Visual Studio
2013, 2012, 2010, 2008
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by GiridharED | October 10 2016

Very happy with the product, very siple API that developers would love. The UI is very user friendly as well.

Support is very good as well.

They may have to start looking at integrating with AngularJS and react js.

by Sven Ferguson | August 18 2011

Evaluating this control for two weeks now.

- Very usable and intuitive UI.
- No decision tables needed at all.
- Rules are in XML format, easy to store in db or file system.
- The use of parentheses instead of priorities. VERY cool.
- I now believe that .NET attributes is the only way to store reusable rule metadata.
- Our business people were thrilled when I demoed this control to them.

- You need to develop and test your own code to store or retrieve your rules or to provide role-based access to rules.
- They name common things differently. For example, they call fact objects "source objects". Rule conditions - "equations". And some other differences.
- The XML format is quite "linear", very different from what the others have. This can be a problem if you need to translate their rules into BizTalk or WF, for example. I got their reply to my question saying that they already recognized the problem and that the next version will introduce a new "hierarchical" format. But this can create the issue with the existing rules unless they also provide a "converter" of some sort.

Overall, a very unique, intuitive and solid product.

by Simon Gagnie | August 17 2011

Just downloaded this control and visited their site to view documentation. Ended up running their demo VS project. Very cool. Absolutely new approach to business rules management. No decision tables, no rule compilation and deployment, everything's online. Can't tell anything about performance yet, though. Highly recommended!

Si Simmons June 30 2014
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Code Effects engine is one of the fastest in the industry. It is used by many government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Thank you for your kind words!

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