Color Button Extension


A button that allows you to change the color of the text to black, blue, or red.

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Visual Studio
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by David Corbett | January 20 2012

Hi Michael,

Thank you for a nice extension, I'm using it to make screens a little more attractive.
Unfortunately, I seem to lose the "tooltip" description of the button which means I can't use it as often as I would like.
Maybe it's just me?

ADefwebserver January 21 2012
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It is more of a tutorial example rather tan a real extension. I reccomend the one from Bala:

by Ehsan Mohammadi | October 05 2011

Thanks, Great work. keep it up!

ADefwebserver October 05 2011
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Thank you. I am glad it works for you.

by PowerBala | September 28 2011

ADefwebserver September 28 2011
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I appreciate you taking the time to leave a rating.

by Alessandro Del Sole [MVP] | September 25 2011

ADefwebserver September 28 2011
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Thank you for Rating!