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ReviewPal - .Net code review companion.

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by Allier | April 08 2016

by Anet256 | March 19 2015

The most buggy code reviewer. Some records are absent after reopening VS, some are duplicated. NullReference errors while saving reviews.

by Ray Cheng Ray Cheng | January 08 2015

by mpommainville | October 14 2013

Full of bugs.Cannot delete a review.
It adds a bookmark for the line reviewed, but if you insert text, it adds 2 bookmarks. Cannot navigate from the bookmark to the review either.

by Tushar | October 15 2012

It is not working for me in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. I have tried to uninstall and re-install it, but it doesn't work.

It says ReviewPal2012 did not load properly. It could be because of other extension. It gives a message to check the ActivityLog.xml, which is not generated.


Chathuranga Wijeratna October 15 2012
| Edit |

I'm checking on this right now. And it seems to be related with, the new version was targetting framework 4.5. I might have to go with two downloads for the two versions. Will update here once it's ready. Until then you can use this link to get the previous version installed.
Looks like I can't support both versions with a single extension file due to framework versions I have to add references to.
Hope you can up-vote the extension given that your issue i resolved :)

by Manvinder | June 06 2012

Very useful tool. Simple yet effective.

Chathuranga Wijeratna June 06 2012
| Edit |

Thanks for the feedback.

by Jay B. Harlow | February 15 2011

Very useful tool to track review comments within Visual Studio. Just what I was looking for, when I needed it!

Chathuranga Wijeratna June 06 2012
| Edit |

Thanks for the feedback

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  • ReviewPalFileLocation in .ReviewPal.xml
    1 Posts | Last post January 08, 2015
    • Good work on this plugin! 
      I'm using the VS 2012 version and found that if ReviewPalFileLocation can be a relative path, it'll be much better since not all my team members map their source code to the same absolute path.
  • ReviewPal 2012 Source Code
    3 Posts | Last post October 09, 2012
    • Hi, do you have the source code for Visual Studio 2012?
    • Of course, I developed it :D ( Just kidding).
      It's Open sourced at CodePlex :)
    • I'm interested in anyone's help on improving it. Please share your thoughts/code updates.
  • Support for Visual studio 2012
    4 Posts | Last post October 08, 2012
    • Hi,
      Wondering if there is a version for Visual Studio 2012?
    • Sorry. Currently not. I'll try to get it redy for 2012 soon. stay tuned.
    • Thanks, appreciate it!!
    • ReviewPal is ready for Visual Studio 2012 !