Allows for applying and mananging windows configurations.

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by Argyleghost | October 10 2014

by Ciprian-Stefan Grigore | December 18 2012


by Badajoz95 | July 30 2012

With the long standing issue of Find and Replace not working correctly or at all, it is hard to recommend this addin. So almost but not quite.

by Pac-Мan | May 29 2011

Searched for this a long time. Even if the perspective manager window is a bit unhandy, it loads and saves perspectives correctly.

by colinre | February 08 2011

by Smaz | December 23 2010


I love this VS Extension! I have already gotten a lot of use out of it! I keep it docked and open all the time! I plan to use it for a long time!

I know it is v1.0, but I have a few suggestions.

1. Dock the Perspectives Manager window. Close and restart VS. The perspectives are missing in the Perspectives Manager window until it is closed and re-opened.
2. Dock the Perspectives Manager window in a 'narrow' location. The buttons do not reposition. A ToolStrip with buttons on top might be a nice alternative.
3. Instead of putting Perspectives in the Window menu, create a new Perspectives menu.
4. Add a menu item for the Perspectives Manager window in the View|Other Windows menu.
5. Allow sorting or manually positioning the perspectives in the ListView.

Keep up the awesome work!


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  • Version 2.0 Bug
    5 Posts | Last post March 18, 2013
    • I can't seem to make this work. I installed 2.0 version from the gallery, and I can see the Perspective menu in the Window menu. When I click "Save current ..." a window pops up, where I can enter a name for the view, but the Perspectives/Perspectives window is empty except for "Load perspectives ..." which does nothing.
      I assume the latter is supposed to open the window illustrated on this page, but it doesn't seem to open for me.
      I am running VS 2010 Ultimate with SP1 installed.
      What am I missing?
    • What I've found is the best way to interact with Perspectives is through the "Perspectives Manager".  TO get to it, right mouse on your toolbars and enable the Perspectives Toolbar.  You can then "View Perspectives Manager" from the left hand icon.
      I really like the tool, especially going from dual monitors then undocking and back.  Makes life much easier.  Just have to work through some of the quirks along the way, or have the time to help contribute which I'm short on time or I would give it a shot.
      Hope this helps.
    • I can't get this to work at all on VS2010SP1.  I've tried saving perspectives through the menu, the toolbar and the Manager pane and it either crashes VS or doesn't save.  Loading or deleting existing perspectives crashes VS2010.  Shame, because this plugin looks to be exactly what I need!
    • Can you guys try the new 3.0 beta version on CodePlex?
    • Tried 3.0 and it still crashes.
      Can save new perspectives, but as soon as I try to load another one, it crashes.
  • VS2012 Support
    3 Posts | Last post October 28, 2012
    • What about support for Visual Studio 2012?
    • Please visit CodePlex to download the beta version for VS2012.
      More information:
    • That version has caused Visual Studio 2012 to crash on startup after the first use, closing and then re-opening visual studio, now cannot use the software at all. Regret ever installing it.