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Automate repetitive tasks in Visual Studio IDE. Reuse your existing Visual Studio macros or create new commands and extensions in C# or VB. Record and playback text editing macros.

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by Mike Malandra | April 28 2016

by kwlee1971 | April 26 2016

Visual Commander is a great product! I totally recommend getting it if you have been using macros for a long time in Visual Studio and still need to use them. I use macros all the time in my work and because Microsoft stopped supporting the feature in 2012, I was hesitant to upgrade to any future revisions of Visual Studio. Now that Visual Commander is available, I can upgrade without losing my macros!!

Granted, there is somewhat of a "transition process" to get your old macros into Visual Commander, but this is easily overcome and Sergey Vlasov responds very quickly to any questions you might have and will get you going promptly.

Overall, I love this product!

by Brian K. Daniels | April 25 2016

I use Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, and for years I have been manually typing date time flags at the end of lines that I insert or modify. One day I did a search for some kind of macro or other way to do this and, like the Fairy Godmother who emerged from the Grandfather clock, Visual Commander was revealed. Now all I have to do is one keystroke to get my date time flag. I look forward to writing more macros with the paid for version of Visual Commander which I purchased in sheer gratitude.
Thank you, Sergey.

by JanSlater | March 17 2016

It restores the macro functionality that existed in 2010.

The registration key is valid for all of machines you use.

It pays for itself every month.

It costs nothing to try.

I suggest that (CTRL)(SHIFT)R be automatically preprogrammed to macro
on/off. It's not a big deal as it is settable under the
keyboard options. Perhaps it could be specified in the installer.

Sergey Vlasov March 18 2016
| Edit |


(CTRL)(SHIFT)R is preprogrammed to macro recording in the Visual Commander package, but this key combination is usually already assigned to default Visual Studio commands and thus is not activated by Visual Studio shell.

by AviramF | February 17 2016

by ScottHutchinson | February 04 2016

Record a macro with Visual Commander, then assign it to a keyboard shortcut using Tools...Options...Environment...Keyboard.
Wonderful! My only criticism is that the command name I entered didn't show up in Tools...Options, so I had to know that it was "Command01".

Sergey Vlasov February 05 2016
| Edit |


Thank you for the review! The command name is visible for Tools - Options in the Professional edition

by B Miller | December 20 2015

by okylich | April 16 2015

Its works well as described and there are good abilities for automation. Custom commands, macros and binds.
I resolved a lot of stucks for my continuous integration.
Sergey, thank you.

by randybone5 | January 29 2015

This is indispensable to anyone moving from an older version of Visual Studio who made use of macros. I have also found it can be used to automatically save all files before running an external tool (another very useful option which was left out of more recent versions of Visual Studio). Although I don't require the extra features in the paid version I may have to buy it anyway as it has been such a life saver.

by Shane MacLaughlin | December 10 2014

Worked well as expected, and basically allows me to fully transition from VS2010 to VS2013. Pleased about this and bought the pro version as a result. Minor niggles that made this 4 star rather than 5;

Commands should be optionally be referenced by name rather than number, as it makes assigning them to keys a bit easier. e.g. VCMD.MyKickAssMacro rather than VCMD.Command01

A bit more documentation on the compile errors would be useful. Pro version is better than the free version in this regard, as double clicking on the error brings you to the offending line. Doesn't seem to happen in the free version.

All in all, a great solution to a major shortcoming in VS2013

Sergey Vlasov September 12 2015
| Edit |

Commands can now be referenced by name in v2.1 Pro.

by ccman45 | December 09 2014

I use text macro's pretty heavily and this works great. Everything I can do in Notepad++ I can do here.

Can be a tad slow to initialize when playing, but otherwise works well.

by Ashraf Sabry | November 23 2014

This tool is excellent. It's GreaseMonkey for Visual Studio.
I wrote you a "thank you" comment on StackOverflow, and I'd like to thank you here again.


by ThermoX | September 30 2014

This tool is great!

Was able to cut&paste my old macros into it and it worked fine with no issues.

Not sure if this was because I already had a different macro tool installed, but the typical Microsoft MACRO shortcut keys used to launch the RECORD (Ctrl-Shift-R) & RUN (Ctrl-Shift-P) were not mapped to the equivalent actions on this tool. In any case, I had to manually map them.

That was not a biggy, considering how happy I am with the tool!

Thanks for saving us from another MS #$%^ decision...

by Alex Meyer-Gleaves | June 27 2014

Awesome work! This allowed me to get my favourite macro for toggling tabs/spaces working again in Visual Studio 2013.

by pif75 | May 21 2014

It says that "Code of an existing Visual Studio macro from previous versions of Visual Studio can be just pasted in the Run subroutine of a new VB command."
I tried to import an older macro from VS 2005 and it has TONS OF PROBLEMS because the VB language itself has changed in the mean time and, of course, a lot of the objects are not available any more.

I realize this is mostly Microsoft fault , but I do not tolerate bold statements as the one mentioned before. I lost half a day trying to do this and I still have lots of errors to correct.

Sergey Vlasov May 22 2014
| Edit |

Sorry for this problem. Can you please post a problematic VS 2005 macro code here?

by | May 12 2014

It worked for me. In particular, it understands text added to my file by Intellisense.

by mvbgupta | April 17 2014

by ukrainial | December 20 2013

Easy to use and well-designed.

by Jeff Relf | December 08 2013

I -love- Visual Commander, professional edition.

The macro editor is a real joy; it's just another tab,
with the text/code editor I'm used to; so I get the same font,
font size and coloring that I'm used to.

I can assign up to 99 commands to keys/buttons;
without it, I couldn't use Visual Studio 2012/2013.

It lets me add Sergey Vlasov's extension to hide
that nasty "sign in" button.

More at: http://Jeff-Relf.Me/Macros.HTM

Best Add-on EVER for VS2012, Hope every wish in your life comes true, Seriously

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  • Run command on all files in a folder
    2 Posts | Last post September 23, 2016
    • I want to run "Run Custom Tool" on all files in a folder.  currently I have to right click on each folder and select "Run custom Tool". I tried the macro recorder for this but it didn't capture anything.  Can you please provide a c# example for this?
    • I've provided a C# example in the corresponding forum thread:
  • C# 6.0
    3 Posts | Last post August 14, 2016
    • Can I use C# 6.0 in macros?
    • Unfortunately, no. At the moment, Microsoft doesn't distribute Microsoft.CodeDom.Providers for C# 6.0. The latest syntax available is only v5.0.
    • v2.4.1 professional now supports writing commands in C# v6.0.
  • Where do I look for release notes?
    2 Posts | Last post July 21, 2016
    • I got a notice this morning that a new version is out.   I would like to see what changed before commiting to it.
    • Jan,
      You can read release notes on the following page:
  • Problem with the new xproj project type
    4 Posts | Last post May 03, 2016
    • I'm not sure is this a problem with Visual Commander or just with ASP.NET 5. 
      But a call to typeService.GetTypeResolutionService(hier).GetType(name, true) throws a TypeLoadException exception complaining about not to able resolve "name". The macro works flawlessly with all other configuration.
    • I've never encountered this error before. Can you send me a complete command sample illustrating this problem?
    • Easies way to demontrate the problem is to create an 5 web application (needs 5 RC1 update 1). Then the solution provided by you will throw an exception mentioned above.
      At least this this is the way it works for me.
    • It works for a simple string parameter, but indeed fails for custom types. Probably because 5 doesn't compile a web application to a dll.
      In VS 2015 you can now use Roslyn to get type information, like
  • Command works from VCmd menu but not from keyboard shortcut.
    3 Posts | Last post April 09, 2016
    • Visual Commander is just what I need to flag new statements in my code with a date time stamp. I called my command DateTimeStamp and use it after clicking on the end of the line of code that I wish to flag with, e.g., "....;//// 4/9/2016 8:03 AM". All works well using the VCmd menu but not from a keyboard shortcut (Cntrl-T)  that I added. The displayed name is "DateTimeStamp Cntrl+T" but when I use Cntrl+T it it moves the final semicolon one place to the left instead of writing out the date and time!
      What could I doing wrong?
    • Brian,
      By default Ctrl+T in Visual Studio is assigned to the Edit.CharTranspose command in the Text Editor context and it looks like it is invoked when you press Ctrl+T.
      Please, select "Use shortcut in:" Text Editor when you assign Ctrl+T to the DateTimeStamp command in keyboard options.
    • Many thanks. I'm impressed. Now going to buy the professional edition :).
  • Macro question: caret inside a literal string
    2 Posts | Last post March 29, 2016
    • How can I check if the caret is inside a string or comment?
    • For VS 2015 C#/VB projects you can leverage Roslyn. See for example
  • What NuGet package or reference do I need to make intellisense work?
    2 Posts | Last post March 24, 2016
    • Hi,
      When writing new macros, what is the process that I need to get IntelliSense or syntax highlighting working properly? Is there a Nuget package or reference I'm missing?
    • (Assuming that you use Visual Commander Professional). IntelliSense works fully only in Visual Studio 2015. What version of VS do you use?
  • Atmel Studio 7
    2 Posts | Last post January 17, 2016
    • I have been using Visual Commander in VS2013 community edition for a while and now find it invaluable.  I have recently started using Atmel Studio 7 for AVR development.  This is based on VS2015 (as fas as I know).  Do you know if it is possible to make Visual Commander work with it?  The Visual Commander install doesn't list Atmel Studio when run.
    • I've created a package that supports Atmel Studio v7.0. Please, have a look
  • What license, and where is the code?
    2 Posts | Last post October 17, 2015
    • I can't see a link to github anywhere, and VS doesn't have any clue what the license is when I try to install this.  What's up with that?
    • Samuel,
      Visual Commander is a closed source project, it is not available on github. You can freely use Visual Commander as a Visual Studio extension. Do you have any specific licensing questions?
  • I don't see macro names when adding toolbar items (buttons).
    3 Posts | Last post October 11, 2015
    • I'm using "VisualCommander 2.2  .vsix", Visual Studio Community 2015.
      When assigning macros to keys, I see the macro names (and numbers);
      however, I don't see the names when adding toolbar items (buttons).
      Is this a bug ?
    • Jeff,
      If you are referring to the Friendly command names for keyboard bindings feature of the professional edition, it indeed doesn't apply to adding toolbar items as I haven't found a VS API allowing it.
    • OK, thanks Sergey.
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