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This extension lets you see the history of all files you edit in Visual Studio on your local machine.

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2015, 2013, 2012
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by Gilligan Joy | August 31 2016

Thank you very much for this extension!

Just using it in the simplest way to review code changes that I have made is really helpful! The file comparison with coloring is perfect for that!

Please keep this extension working for future versions of Visual Studio.

by visstudev | June 19 2016

I am using VS 2013 Ultimate. Installed the plugin, restarted and VS presents error "An exception has been encountered. This may be caused by an extension". Uninstalled the extension, restarted VS but the error does not go away. Very frustrating.

by Tvelo1 | June 06 2016

Awesome plugin. Don't usually comment about plug-ins, but this one deserved it. Makes looking back at file changes locally super easy without having to include git. A few times I've cut an entire class, and something happens where I loose that information, but the file still exists as an "Auto Backup", so AutoHistory saved my classes from my own demise!

It'd be cool if it could:
A. Configure the location of the Auto Backup files
B. The length it keeps the backups for
C. Stay just as cool as it is now.

by Ivan Pointer | May 12 2016

Even though we use TFS (Source Control Repository), I find this highly useful. The information this provides is made far more accessible than the history in TFS.

I consider this one of my "Essentials" extensions for working in Visual Studio.

by biswajeet.m | April 12 2016

Awesome, i want it always

by Russ Fritch | April 05 2016

Dont know yet

by yozcaliskan | March 23 2016

Life saver!

by Vassil Atanasov | March 16 2016

by Alex Pendleton | September 03 2015

by Srinivasan K K | August 25 2015

For View->Other Windows->Auto History, do we have any keyboard shortcut key associated with this functionality?

Please treat this as a feedback.

by Vic Vladi | July 23 2015

While other Visual Studio 2015 windows looks fine AutoHistory-windows is like a mess


Porbably this is because author is no really care about possible size of each element and hardcoded all GUI elements positions to how it is ok for his machine :(

Terrible UX-practice ... unable to work with extention at all ... I give minimal rating for extension

by SOlson2012 | June 04 2015

by jschroedl | January 29 2015

So much awesome here! This has saved my bacon a time or two already.

Question: Is there a limit on how long the history is saved (1 month? 1 year?) Would love to set it to forever (if there's a limit)

Suggestion: Button to "Clear History for this Solution"
Suggestion: I'd like to be able to control where the history is saved.

by Carl Dorbeus | December 10 2014

by Roger Emerson Villela | September 07 2014

Include in the next update of VS, please!!! :)
Very useful!!
I´m a Technical Educator for Windows Internals and C++ (always using VC++),
and I have to create groups of blocks of code to my samples and this kind of
tool helps a lot.


Roger Villela
Technical Educator for Windows Internals and C++.

by LukePuplett | August 21 2014

It seems I am the only person to not be able to comprehend the UI.

I cannot understand what any of it means or how to compare files, no snapshot ever show up.

It baffles me as to how this is a full 5* add-in and why my experience is completely at odds with everyone else's.

by chriga | May 22 2014

Most time I don't need it. But if I need it, it is worth a mint.

by Paul Rogero | March 26 2014

Awesome, very useful.

+1 for revert without having to copy & paste.
+1 for ability to quickly see all snaps for the selected file in a list without having to carefully move the vertical snapshot slider around.

by onurg | March 25 2014

by Andreas Pollak | March 11 2014

Very cool, I love it.

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  • Feature request support for external difftool
    2 Posts | Last post April 08, 2016
    • I usual use beyond compare for diff 
      It would be nice if it is was possible to configure which diff tool to use
    • Thanks for the feedback Jens, sorry it's been so long in responding. I agree it seems a good idea to provide a configurability of the diff tool used to surface comparisons.
  • Specific File Auto History
    2 Posts | Last post April 08, 2016
    • Is there a way to add an entry to the context-menu of a file - "Auto History" and that will open a list of dates in which the file has changed, and then selecting one of these dates will provide a diff to the working version?
    • That's a good suggestion - thanks for bringing it up. Out of interest what granularity of change reporting would you want to see if there was such a list - since we auto-capture changes very frequently with this extension, I'm wondering if you would want to see something less granular - like 2x/day, 4x/day or similar.
  • Is there a way to save history?
    2 Posts | Last post October 26, 2015
    • Description says:
      > 2. the extension does not save your snapshots to disc until Visual Studio closes,
      > so it is not a substitute for saving your work.
      This sounds to me like that if I want to ensure that history is still available after a Visual Studio / Windows Crash I have to actual restart Visual Studio on a regular basis.
      Is that correct interpreted?
    • Hi Jens
      Yes, for the current implementation if you want to ensure the snapshots are stored on disc, you'll need to close Visual Studio.
      I'd continue to emphasize that this extension is not a substitute for any of the following:
      1. Regularly saving your work
      2. Regularly backing up your work
      3. Using a source code control system
  • Lost all the changes
    1 Posts | Last post October 19, 2015
    • I installed this tool last week and it tracked all the changes.
      When I open the solution today, I do not see any of the changes in the auto history window.
      How do I get back the snapshots?
  • Keyboard shorcut available for this addin?
    1 Posts | Last post August 25, 2015
    • For View->Other Windows->Auto History, do we have any keyboard shortcut key associated with this functionality?
      Please treat this as a feedback.
  • Is it possible to make windows layout user-friendly
    1 Posts | Last post July 23, 2015
      While other tool-windows on Visual Studio 2015 looks fine (probably because they resize GUI elements and position GUI elements relative to other elements) the tool-windows of this extension has all element interfering with each other
      I think GUI layout must be changed to be resizable according to user fonts sizes.
  • Can't ever remember how to compare
    1 Posts | Last post May 16, 2014
    • I've been using this since soon after it was released.  It's not a tool I use daily or even weekly but I do use it every once in a while.  Because I don't use it often enough I can never remember how to actually compare anything with it.  I often end up clicking on the little "bubbles" and up deleting them.  I always have to go back and find a video about how it works.  It's simply not intuitive that I have to drag part of the slightly off-color/shaded rectangle on the snapshots to determine when I want to compare against and then there's no indication that double clicking on the file name is what executes the compare.  (and I'd also still like it to launch whatever compare tool the user has set up VS to use instead of VS's default)
  • Crashes VS 2013 when reloading a project file
    1 Posts | Last post April 04, 2014
    • I often edit my csproj files to customize the build process and last night Visual Studio suddenly started crashing when reloading project files back into the solution. No real error message except saying that Visual Studio has crashed and needs to restart. After restarting VS the project had been successfully loaded and built just fine, so I'm confident that there was nothing poisonous in the csproj.
      I have quite a few extensions installed, so AutoHistory could possibly be conflicting with one of those, but as soon as I disabled AutoHistory the crashing on reload of a project stopped.
      I hadn't really got round to trying the feature out properly but it looks like a pretty good idea.
  • Deleted Files
    2 Posts | Last post March 29, 2014
    • Hi Mark, is there any way of getting back a DELETED file?
      P.S. I've been using this since it came out and have found no real issues other than getting back a deleted file.
    • At the moment, no. The awkward work-around is to diff the version you want, switch the diff window to the left view (so you get only the old source) and then copy and paste that into a new file.
      The revert files feature, when it gets added (it is next of the list), will be able to revert deleted files.
  • Feature suggestions
    1 Posts | Last post March 19, 2014
    • As others have noted, I would love to see a "revert" feature, rather than having to copy and paste.
      I also wish the window looked more like the Eclipse local history window (or the VS Local History extension:, giving me a list of recent revisions for the currently selected file or files. The AutoHistory window seems to display only a single revision for each file, based on the earliest time in the slider on the left, which I find less easy to work with; if I'm looking for something I did about two hours ago, it means I have to move the bottom edge of the slider up and down carefully until I find the right time.
      It looks like AutoHistory saves snapshots in some central location; the Local History extension saves them in the solution directory. There are pros and cons to both approaches; I'd like to be able to choose. I'd also like to be able to flush the snapshots on demand, or at some preset interval.
      Thanks for taking a stab at this functionality; I'm hoping this extension continues to get some attention.
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