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VSIX Explorer provides a WinZip-like utility for creating, viewing, and editing VSIX files. It also provides a more reasonable extension manifest editing experience. Go to Tools->VSIX Explorer to launch the VSIX Explorer tool.

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by Seabrook7 | March 20 2013

by BillW33 | April 02 2012

A very useful tool; well worth the download.

by Onur Güzel | August 12 2011

Nice extension, especially to see what's included in an extension package.

by Gearard Boland | September 10 2010

by Ed Dore | March 05 2010

Extremely useful. I'd give it 6 stars if they'd let me.

by Mariano Blanco | December 15 2009

by Mike DA | June 12 2009

Your tool has been very useful. I especially like the ability to add new files and structure and to be able to modify some of the metadata fairly easily in the same place without unzipping or rebuilding the package.

by CarlBrochu | June 09 2009

it crashes once in a while but it is the best standalone vsix editor out there

by Carl Br | May 20 2009

by Pedro Silva [Visual Studio] | May 20 2009

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  • VS2012
    5 Posts | Last post December 24, 2013
    • Please add VS2012 support.
    • Would be very nice and helpful to have this for VS 2012 as well.
    • Another way to approach this is to use an archive tool that can open the VSIX format such as 7-zip. That doesn't provide the GUI mapped fields for display but does allow editing any part of the VSIX package including the manifest. Check out the details here, http://researchaholic.com/2012/10/04/manually-updating-a-vsix-file-to-run-in-visual-studio-2012/.
    • PS I tried updating VSIX Explorer itself using 7-zip so its manifest permits installing under VS 2013 RC. But that didn't work because the extensions object model in VS 2013 RC is different than in VS 2010. Nevertheless it proved that 7-zip editing of the manifest was successful.
    • If not developing further please make open source
  • .vstemplate changes
    1 Posts | Last post June 26, 2011
    • Hi,
      i think there are a couple of improvements for the tool. First i try to do some changes to the .vsix but the changes are not saved. When i re-open the .vsix i don't find the changes. Second, i think it is nice to modify the .vstemplate file within the gui of the tool. 
  • Support command line argument and drag/drop
    2 Posts | Last post August 10, 2010
    • Love the tool - wish it supported a command line arg to open a vsix file and also drag/drop.
    • Thanks Ron! Could you elaborate on the drag/drop scenario you'd like to see? After all, there are various scenarios involving drag/drop =). The tool currently supports dragging files from your file system into a directory in the tree view, for example. Do you mean dragging a VSIX file on top of the VSIXExplorer.exe in order to open the file (currently not implemented)?
  • BUG: Double clicking on a file crashes the editor
    3 Posts | Last post May 21, 2009
    • Nice tool guys.  I have a bug I want to report though.
      I saved the Card Game Starter Kit VSIX template locally.
      I then opened it using the VSIX explorer.
      I expanded the tree.
      I double clicked on blackjack.jpg
      The VSIX explorer then crashed.
    • Thank you Quan To for trying out our tool and for reporting this issue.  We have provided updated the tool to fix the crash that you described.
      To get the update, open Visual Studio and go to the Extension Manager on the Tools menu.  Click on the Updates node and you should see the update available now.
    • Hi Gearard Boland,
      Thank you for the quick response.  I just tried the newer version and the crash is fixed.
      Good job!