Portable Extensible Metadata


Subset of the schema metadata enabled scenarios (the most common ones) built on the Entity Framework Designer extensibility model. They enable rich development experience in tools and auto-generation of code.

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by Ido Flatow. _ | May 19 2011

I've written a T4 that uses the PEM to generate data annotations instead of C# validation code:

It isn't perfect, but if anyone wants to use the PEM with data annotations, I guess they can enhance the capabilities of the template.

by Shimmy Weitzhandler | May 19 2011

Please add support to VB.

For my opinion this should be automatically integrate with the upcoming version of the EDMX designer.

Eagerly waiting for the upcoming version!

by Alex31170 | April 20 2010

This tool doesn't work with VB.net Project........

by CoderWisdom | January 22 2010

It's a nice try, but I wonder if you can write a template that doesn't overrides the code generated by other template. I would like to use this in tandem with some other template I already extended.
Any thoughts on releasing the source code?

by femtobeam | December 30 2009

Any program that handles metadata from different systems and allows autogeneration of code is a must have program. Thankyou to Iranel Crivat of Microsoft for making this a free program!

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  • VS 2012 Support
    4 Posts | Last post June 04, 2013
    • Are there any plans to make an extension for VS 2012 or failing that, any suggestions on how to migrate a VS 2010 project using PEM to VS 2012?
    • Hi, any news about VS2012 version?
      Or is the source code available?
      We'll make the port...
    • One can download un updated vsix that's accepted by VS2012 at http://www.blogz.computinglabs.ro/post/2013/05/24/Portable-Extensible-Metadata.aspx
    • The provided link does not work. Like Ondřej Spilka said, it would be interesting to get source code for the extension because of the lack of support for VS 2012
  • Is this project ever going to move forward?
    1 Posts | Last post May 19, 2011
    • I wish this should be integrated in the EDMX designer.
  • source
    1 Posts | Last post April 20, 2011
    • We are looking to do something very similar but add our domain specific metadata.
      Is the source code available to allow PEM to be customized and integrated into other tools?
  • Autogeneration of Rules
    1 Posts | Last post April 23, 2010
    • First wanted to thank Irinel for working on this and getting it out -- I'm implementing it as my server side validation for an EF4 project.
      I'll have more questions -- but a couple for now are:
      1) For a string field, where I setup a DataFieldLength with a length restriction of 2 to 1000 - it generates the following -- which is obviously not correct.
      // DataFieldLength
      if((this.Name != null && this.Name.Length > 1000)) { errors.Add("Name\tError: Name must be between 2 and 1000."); isOK = false; }
      2) Also for required -- it's checking NULL but would be preferable to check "string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace()" -- or at least make that an option.
      if((this.Name == null)) { errors.Add("Name\tError: Name is Required."); isOK = false; }
      3) Also, aside from parsing it out (which is what I'm doing) - not seeing how to get rid of "Name\tError:" section of the error message -- I just want to see the custom message.
      Looking forward to this being expanded upon.
      ...Lance Larsen (www.lancelarsen.com)