Structured WCF REST Service

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by Dragan Radovac | April 14 2012

by Oliver Michalski | November 09 2011

Good Work - Thanks :-)

by Tiger Smith | April 26 2011

client consumption example is weak, but so is the MS one. Client is not consuming REST service in a REST-like manner. (proxy.Create(object)) Nothing REST-like about this. Calls should be nouns with the HTTP verbs being the action. proxy.URI = http://host/route/nounOfEntityBeingWorked/{anyParams} with HttpType=Post. The service interface does not need the attributes that make a REST-like service in the contract, ITechnobabbleService (WebInvoke, WebGet). Those should be placed on the implementation.(TechnobabbleService type) Also REST-like services use nouns in the URI and let the HTTP verbs be the action (GET, POST, PUT, etc..)

by EricWood | October 08 2010

I really like the "break-out"/separation of functionality that this template yields as opposed to the standard Visual Studio default WCF/REST template. Very useful for larger real-world projects.

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