Windows Azure SDK 2.0 for Intuit Anywhere


The Windows Azure SDK 2.0 for Intuit Anywhere is a set of components that enable developers of SaaS apps developed on Windows Azure to securely connect to their customer's QuickBooks data.

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  • Confused (sorry if this is a cross-post :) )
    3 Posts | Last post May 18, 2012
    • I'm a bit confused by the differences among the Azure SDK 2.0 and the Intuit Anywhere Add-In for Visual Studio. Is one a superset of the other? Does either contain the templates?
      I'd delete my other post but don't think I can.
    • OK, I guess all I had to do was read the "Description" page more carefully. The SDK has the templates, it has the Add-in, I just need to determine if that last is the NuGet package I installed previously. Sorry (again). I ALWAYS do this. :)
    • You are correct.  The SDK contains the templates and the Add-in in a single installer.  These pieces are also available separately (as you have seen).
      The templates contain the latest NuGet package, and the Add-in pulls the latest down from NuGet when you click the 'Add Data Services SDK' button.  You can check that you have the latest NuGet package installed using the NuGet Package Manager: