Test Scribe for Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 and Test Professional 2010


TestScribe is a tool designed to export various sections of a Visual Studio 2010 test effort to a Word document.

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by Dominic Wate | September 19 2014

Could be more refined and allow more flexibility.

However, I can only commend the tool since it is the only tool which performs a reasonable export of test case details from TFS or MTM, and does so in a neat and presentable manner.

by Rana Omer Nawaz | June 20 2013

by David Laub | November 02 2012

Would love to have attachments automatically added to the generated Word document - or at least an option to do this


by Mr. Wharty | June 11 2012

Great little add-in

by Ben Ootjers | February 22 2012

Great tool that is really needed in business environment in order to be able to share the test scripts with a customer.

The most wanted feature is probably customization options. This is possible in a small way but not supported. Especially being able to start from a custom .docx file would be helpful. Other customizations can be handled.

That's why only four stars out of five, please add the feature and you definitely got five stars!

by Mattias Sköld | February 06 2012

Greate tool, If it just was a litle bit easier to customize the templates it would be realy god and useful

by Anup Timilsina | December 02 2011

Great Tool for Tester. The more i work the more i am liking it.

by marnan | September 19 2011

Nice start,
If we could include parameter (values) - the report can be very usefull.

Additional feature : Single Test Case documentation

by gskorupa | August 26 2011

A very nice tool - a big step forward.
I would like to see .sx files shared with scenarios from regulated environments. User documentation could suffice.

by 徐磊 (VSALM MVP) | June 27 2011

I love this tool. It makes really easy to generate Test Plan Summary which is important to avoid duplicate work and it changed the process to be more efficient because you don't have to write plain text document and enter the test steps again into MTM.

by Rob Manger - Seek | June 21 2011

I think this has the potential to be a fantastically useful tool. There are a number of feature missing that would make it more suitable for me (eg: printing out and presenting to the business in a review session):

- Test Plan Summary
- Test Case Parameters
- Configuration values - Default Only. Not Test Case specific

- Test Run Summary
- Complete list of Test Cases covered (don't care whether there are duplicates or not), both passed and failed.
- List of failures regardless of whether they are Analysed or not.
- Test Configuration. If I'm running a test across multiple configurations and it only failes on one, which one did it fail on?
- Result Comments - I'd like to be able to see at a glance all the comments that all my testers are entering when failing test cases instead of having to navigate to each individual Test Run.

I look forward to seeing future versions of this tool :)


by Eduardo7095 | April 30 2011

I like this tool

From Test Run Summary I get a list of test cases and hence test case run gets generated.

by sureshvbabu | February 21 2011

liked this tool though it doesn't generate Summary file sometimes but could get the doc. after retry.
And also could able to customize the doc. using Sally Cavanagh suggestion in Q And A section as we have lot many testcases in our Test Plan and our requirement is to generate doc. for each suite.

by Allen.Feinberg | December 01 2010

I find this tool useful but we have over 1200 test cases and when we generate our test plan doucment it's over 1500 pages long. I'd like to have a way to filter what is output and possibly just select the output to be generated at the test suite level, area path level, or owner level.

by Brian Keller | December 01 2010

Regarding the reports of corrupted files, this is likely because you are using an older version of Office than 2010. Please see the Description tab which has been updated with a list of known issues. There is an easy workaround for the corrupted file messages which is posted there.

by ptcmariano | November 29 2010

It is useful for testing plan, not for running tests
expectancy reports for test results

by Jeff Levinson | October 14 2010

Works great from my perspective

by hasmu | September 29 2010

Agree with comment above it generates corrupt file. A popup messages comes up which is confusing. Rather test manager should create a file and notify user when done. a popup with cancel and stays on forever ! not good

by Tumatawhero | September 28 2010

For the price it works like a treat! Exactly what we wanted a tool to do. Export the test case to a word document and it is also nicely formatted too.

by swisstester | September 09 2010

It's a good start but needs some more features.
It would be nice if the user can select the information that is displayed in the document. It also would be nice if I could generate a document for a single Test Case.

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  • Test Scribe throwing Out of Memory exception
    1 Posts | Last post June 15, 2016
    • Hi, I have installed Test scribe for 2013. When i extract the test run summary,it generated the document. But when i tried for Test Plan Summary, it gives out of memory exception. I have 989 test cases in my test plan. In future, i may have more.
      Here is windows event log.
      (mtm.exe, PID 8932, Thread 1) Application detected an unexpected fault. Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown. 
      Can some one suggest how to overcome this problem.
  • Launch TestScribe
    1 Posts | Last post November 03, 2015
    • Hi,
      I successfully installed Testscribe, but where is it?
      From where can I launch it?
  • Visual Studio AND TFS compatibility
    1 Posts | Last post September 19, 2014
    • Just as a sort of follow up to my response to Anup Timilsina's thread (19/09/2014 1:11Pm GMT) it would be a good idea for this Gallery item to mention that the 2010 version works only with TFS 2010 (as well as mentioning the VS version).
      This would apply to the 2012 and 2013 versions too.
  • MTM.exe Stops working After i Download Test Scribe
    3 Posts | Last post September 19, 2014
    • Previously i thought it is because of SP1 not installed my the machine but now i also have SP1 and still mtm.exe is not working, 
      if i uninstall Test Scribe MTM is working Fine.
      Why is this happening ?
    • Make sure you installed Team Explorer before installing Test Scribe.
    • To anyone who may stumble across this after all this time I would like to point out that Pierre's solution worked for me.
      We are using TFS2010 but MTM and VS2012 for general use. This means we had to also have MTM 2010 and Test Scribe 2010 and jump to that version for exports.
      We recently changed subscription models and are now using VS and MTM 2013 but still TSF 2010. After uninstalling everything I had, installing VS2013 Test Pro and then VS 2010 Test Pro I found the same mtm.exe failure after installing Test Scribe.
      This was because, with VS 2013 installed, the VS2010 Test Pro installation only installed MTM (no VS IDE). By installing the Team Explorer separately I was able to resolve this issue.
  • Nested suites
    2 Posts | Last post June 11, 2014
    • We are using nested suites to make some order of all our test cases. When generating the test plan summary, a test case should be printed only in the suite it belongs to, but instead it is also printed in the parentsuite and so on. This means the report is pretty much useless. I have not seen any comment about this, are we missing some settings? Or can this be fixed?
      Will there be any updates to this tool? 
    • We are also using nested suites. Where you able to find a solution for the duplication of test cases?
  • Generate parameter set in test cases
    1 Posts | Last post December 03, 2013
    • Hi,
      Does generate Test Plan Summary will show the @parameter set in test case?
  • TestScribe Exports unformatted HTML to Word 2010
    2 Posts | Last post October 28, 2013
    • When I use TestScribe to create a Word 2010 document with the test plan details, the individual test case titles and expected values are unformatted HTML (for example, <HTML><BODY><P>Log Out</P></BODY></HTML>). Is there a reason it does this or a simple solution? 
    • Hello Jimmy98112, do you have any news about this topic?
      I have the same problem. I'm running VS2010 ultimate, Office 2007 and TFS is 2012. Could you please help me?
  • Does Test Scribe work with MS Visual Studio Premuim 2010?
    1 Posts | Last post September 27, 2013
    • Does Test Scribe work with MS Visual Studio Premuim 2010? Pls does anyone know? Thanks!!
  • Missing features: multi line support and test case summary
    1 Posts | Last post April 26, 2013
    • first of all, great little feature. However i do believe there are some features missing (in my case at least):
      no multi line support when exporting to word. more info on multi line in sp1 can be found here 
      there is a possibility for a test run summary, but I am more interested in a test case summary. how many (% of) testcases have passed, failed or are still active. I don't need a report on all test runs, but the last run for each testcase.
      If this could be added onto the tool it would be an awesome tool! 
  • Is there a version for VS 2012 and Test Manager 2012
    3 Posts | Last post February 22, 2013
    • looknig for this functionality in the 2012 suite of products.
    • never mind.  I found it with a little more looking.  
    • I too am looking for this, and have been unable to find anything.  Can you please direct me on where you found the info.
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