Visual Studio 2010 Diagnostic Tool


A diagnostic tool to gather performance traces for VS 2010.

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by j_stil | March 19 2014

by cooptex977 | September 26 2013

by Dikman | February 07 2012

As mentioned by iamduyu removing this file solves the problem with UnregisterEvent:

I haven't seen any side-effects of this as of yet (5 minutes in) :)

by PrawPraw | January 11 2012

by Gavin Stevens | January 10 2012

Same thing:
Microsoft Windows Performance Toolkit

A newer version of Microsoft Windows Performance
Toolkit is already installed.

Where would I have gotten a newer version..?

by Richard Dingwall | December 30 2011

Setup has detected that the file 'C:\DOCUME~1\rdingwa1\LOCALS~1\Temp\VSD294.tmp\DotNetFx35Client\DotNetFx35ClientSetup.exe' has changed since it was initially published. Click OK to retry the download, or Cancel to exit setup.
OK Cancel

I thought I had two instances of the installer running at once by accident but no... although the EULA does come up twice for some reason (and I already have .NET 3.5 installed). Something wrong with the package, I couldn't install it.

by 3D Echo | August 31 2011

I also deleted C:\WINDOWS\system32\Microsoft.Internal.Performance.CodeMarkers.dll and the problem eerily disappeared.

Does anyone have instructions on uninstalling the Visual Studio 2010 Diagnostic Tool?

by iamduyu | August 18 2011

EventUnregister is a function of advapi32.dll that only available in vista and after.

So there must be a visual studio extension that calls this function after the installation of visual studio 2010 diagnostic tool(I don't think visual studio would call this function in a XP box).

I decided to use filemon to track the file(or extension)loaded by vs2010. After the err message box showed, the last file in filemon is:
So, I renamed it. The err message box didn't show again!

I don't know what this dll does! Could anyone give me a hint ? Is it OK?

by Mr Yossu | July 13 2011

Same as everyone else, install failed. Microsoft don't seem at all bothered by this do they?

In case it helps anyone, you can get this (or something similar, not exactly sure) as part of the Windows 7 SDK. If you don't want the full SDK, you can just get the performance toolkit.

See for more information.

by John Rus | June 28 2011

I get the same error as Steve did, and cannot install:

Microsoft Windows Performance Toolkit

A newer version of Microsoft Windows Performance
Toolkit is already installed.


by Steve Thresher | May 25 2011

Cannot install as the following error stops me:

Microsoft Windows Performance Toolkit

A newer version of Microsoft Windows Performance
Toolkit is already installed.


by Andre.Ziegler | May 17 2011

Awesome toolkit. I like the .net integration.

Btw, could you please update it to the newest WinDbg and WPT (4.8) Version?

@all XP users.

XP simply doesn't support the required ETW functions. ETW was added first in Windows 2000 and only some functions where added in XP. The major improvement was done with Vista. The toolkit can't use non existing functions, so don't cry that it doesn't work. XP is simply to old and outdated. Use a modern OS (NT6.x - Vista or 7), not such a dinosaur Windows.

by SquireDude | April 26 2011

I just tried to install this tool on a Windows 7 64-bit VS2010 SP1Rel machine and I get an error saying that "C:\Users\..\PerformanceDiagnostics.exe is not a valid Win32 application."

What gives?

by alaa9jo | April 21 2011

ETW tracing must be supported on XP,Many members having issues with this tool when it's installed on Win Xp,if vs2010 can work on XP so this tool must work without issues as well

by kujotx | April 18 2011

Another XP user that failed to read the reviews. XP users should not install this. There is no un-do for me as of yet -- my environment prohibits System Restore, and re-installing SP3 did not restore my corrupted advapi32.dll file.

Still on the hunt for guidance.

Last resort is a complete re-image. Not happy.

by tion8 | February 16 2011

the procedure entry point eventunregister could not be found in the dynamic link library advapi32.dll

every time VS2010 starts.

how do we get rid of this annoyance? please provide some guidance.

by Sebastian Graf | December 18 2010

I had the same issue like Scott Wylie with this tool. I installed it before having read that it isn't usable on XP. After deinstalling, i still got the entry point error and was still not able to debug my (C++) projects because of an NtClose error right at the start of a debug session.
I only got rid of it via a reset to a system restore point.

by Nico F | December 08 2010

I also have the same problem with advapi32.dll.

How to solve this ?

by Scott Wylie | December 03 2010

Three people on our team installed it, and they are all getting 'The procedure entry point EventUnregister could not be located in the dynamic link library ADVAPI32.dll

We are all using VS 2010 Pro or Ultimate and it is WinXP SP3. We have lots of problems with VS and we can't use this tool to help track down the issues due to this problem.

Can you please fix it as soon as possible? And no we can't update to Win7.