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This lightweight extension allows changing the window title of Visual Studio to include a folder tree with a configurable min depth and max depth distance from the solution/project file, and the use of special tags to help with many other possible scenarios (Git, TFS...). Sol...

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by Wraith404 | October 14 2016

Thank you! just THANK YOU!

by ButchersBoy | October 13 2016

Does what it says on the tin! Priceless when you are working across multiple branches.

by Tarzr | September 24 2016

I was quite surprised, this is not in Options right out of the box. Thanks much.

by pbradshaw64 | July 25 2016

UPDATED: Now it's complete! Works great for all my scenarios!

Very useful, but not quite complete.

Missing: The "ParentX" tag gives a great way to back up the path to get
where you want... but I need the opposite. It'd be nice to have a "PathX"
tag that would let you walk down from the top. For solution path of
"C:\folder1\branch\anotherFolder\solutionFolder\solution.sln", then
Path0=C:, Path1="folder1", Path2="branch", etc. We have solutions
scattered all over multiple folders and multiple depths, but the branch
name is always the 3rd item in on the path. It would be nice to pull that
and display it.

by Georg Begerow | July 07 2016

Does exactly what I need. No need to write it by myself :-)

by Eugeniy Maksimov | May 26 2016

Usefull easy-to-turnUp extension.

by diegose | May 13 2016

This extension is a MUST when working with multiple branches of a project at once.
I changed my settings to display just the solution name and the current branch: [solutionName] ([gitBranchName])
Easy peasy.

by WuFelix | April 29 2016

by Jonas Meyer | April 04 2016

by CAD bloke | February 02 2016

Aaaah, that's better.

[solutionName] \ [projectName] ([gitBranchName]) --- VS[vsMajorVersionYear] --- [parentPath]

with the "farthest parent folder depth" set to 99 (or use the [parent99] tag) it displays the full parent path, just like the instructions say it does.

by personY | December 16 2015

It's working quite well.

I have two suggestions:
1. Ability to set a custom title (which is a map between the full solution path to a custom text). This is useful if you have multiple clones of the same repository in different folders and the folder structure is deep.

2. Ability to also show the current startup project(s) name in header

Guess #1 one could be done easily.
Some context menu entry "Override solution name", but that's just a suggestion.

mayerwin December 17 2015
| Edit |

Hi, #1 is already possible by changing the options (in Tools > Options > Rename Visual Studio Title). You can select [parentX] tags to only show any parent folder at a specific depth level instead of the full path.

For #2, you can use the tag [projectName] to show the current active project name, which should be good enough for most purpose (you just need to select the start-up project or an element within to "activate" a project).

Feel free to play with the source code if you want to add support for more tags.

by Lusian | October 29 2015

Works on VS 2015 ! cool addon.

by DrLeh | October 16 2015

by viJay2345 | August 24 2015

Great extension! Thank you :)

by Lars Tellemann Sæther | August 17 2015

Does exactly as described - in my case perfect for identifying different branches

by Patrick68 | August 05 2015

Great tool! Works like a charm to identify my branches using the parent folder name.

by agaze_6 | June 25 2015

by Igor Iakovlev | May 05 2015

Standard JIT Debugger window is now good to select specific instance of VS. Saved my day and nerves.

by Opus4210 | March 17 2015

This is a perfect solution and, like others said, you wonder why VS doesn't include it by default.

My TFS branch folder is always the parent to the solution, so I used [parent0] to get the branch's folder name. It wasn't obvious from the descriptions. And [parentPath] didn't work for me in this case because I wanted to use a "Farthest parent folder depth" of 10 for a document with no solution but only the branch name for a solution.

Also, TyWeb stated that you can't show the whole path, but that's not true. Just set "Farthest parent folder depth" to a high enough value (10 was deep enough for my projects) that will traverse deep enough to pick up the drive letter.

Great job!

by Michi-2142 | March 16 2015

Thank you very much, this saved my day!

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  • Git branch name not working
    2 Posts | Last post September 20, 2016
    • Really excited to find this extension; I always have a zillion VS windows open to different git repos and I'd like to use the [gitBranchName] feature.  Unfortunately, I'm unable to get this to work on VS2015.  
      I have "Document (no solution) open" set to:
      [documentName] - [ideName] ([gitBranchName])
      I have "No document or solution open" set to:
      [ideName] ([gitBranchName])
      I have "solution in design mode" set to:
      [parentPath]\[solutionName] ([gitBranchName])
      In all cases, I'm getting "()" at the end.  Git is definitely on the system path, and I've also experimented with setting the "git binaries directory" to the same place where git appears on my system path:
      "E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE\Extensions\Microsoft\Web Tools\External\git\"
      I'm running VS2015 on Win10.  Any ideas?  Something silly I'm missing?
    • Hello Dan,
      Is there a "bin" directory inside "E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE\Extensions\Microsoft\Web Tools\External\git\"? If so, it should be selected instead.
      If it doesn't work (normally it should work if git.exe is already in the PATH), could you enable the option "Enable debug mode" in "Global rules", and let me know what it prints in the Output window (Show output from "Debug")?
      I recently updated the extension to support UTF8 encoded git branch names, but this shouldn't cause the problem you are describing.
  • Conflict with Just My Code natvis stuff?
    2 Posts | Last post August 16, 2016
    • Hello!
      On VS 2015.3, if I disable this (very useful) extension, my boost.natjmc file is taken into account and works:
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <NonUserCode xmlns="">
        <File Name="*\boost\*"/>  
      However, as soon as I enable it back, this no longer works.
      Did anyone also see this?
    • I really cannot see how this extension could have any such side effect (unless your file relies in one way on the Visual Studio window title being unaltered). You can take a look at the source code if you want.
      Did you try on another machine?
  • .sln.rn.xml example
    2 Posts | Last post July 05, 2016
    • Hi, could you provide an example of a .sln.rn.xml file?
    • Hi, the simplest way to generate one for your own solution file is to go to Visual Studio Options, then "Rename VS Window Title", then "Solution-specific overrides", then "open solution config". It should generate and open a .sln.rn.xml file in your Visual Studio window, which you can save or discard. Here is an example I just generated (nodes prefixed by __ are ignored):
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
          PatternIfRunningMode="[parentPath]\[solutionName] (Running) - [ideName]"
          PatternIfBreakMode="[parentPath]\[solutionName] (Debugging) - [ideName]"
          PatternIfDesignMode="[parentPath]\[solutionName] - [ideName]" />
  • TFS branch name
    3 Posts | Last post June 23, 2016
    • Please add [tfsBranchName] variable for distinguish solutions opened from different branches.
    • Hi, I'll look into this. Feel free to submit a pull request if you want. In the meantime, you can take advantage of the new feature allowing solution-specific overrides to hardcode the solution name or any other part of the path you want.
    • Yes please this a needed feature. Helps to identify which branch one is working on.
  • Mercurial support
    3 Posts | Last post March 11, 2016
    • Please add [hgBranchName] variable.
    • Can you please provide the exact hg command you want to show the result of?
    • I'm not sure if it's the same thing, but [branchName] would be useful, I don't know if that would be too much to implement. [workspaceName] works really well, but for some scenarios the branch would be really appreciated :D
  • Filepath
    2 Posts | Last post March 08, 2016
    • Is it possible to display the filepath (of the active file) - or at least the path from the project root?
    • Yes, please take a look at the available tags.
  • Customizable - how?
    2 Posts | Last post December 17, 2015
    • I have read the description which states this is customizable. How? I don't see an entry for it under Tools->Options. I don't see in the description how it can be done. Can someone tell me where you go to customize? Thanks.
    • Alright, I'm blind, but I just found the entry in Tools->Options. 
  • Add backslash to path if complete
    1 Posts | Last post November 03, 2015
    • If the [parentPath] ends in a drive I would like to get an absolute path displayed as usual.
      For drives add backslash after the colon:
      'F:data\vs2013' becomes 'F:\data\vs2013' 
      Add leading double backslash for network drives:
      'server\share\data\vs2013' becomes '\\server\share\data\vs2013'
  • VS 11
    8 Posts | Last post August 06, 2015
    • Apparently it also works on the VS 11 beta, just needs some hacking of the downloaded file.
    • And which?
    • I was able to make it work with VS 2012 by adding a few lines in the manifest, however SetWindowText no longer works to modify the window title (it just affects the title of the window in the taskbar). And we cannot modify dte.MainWindow.Caption so something new needs to be found.
    • Hello Dávid, I have just released a new major version 2.0.0 that supports Visual Studio 2012 and custom patterns. Enjoy!
    • What did you use, if you don't mind me asking?  I'm working on my own extension, and can only get it to change the title in the taskbar using SetWindowText.
    • Hi Campbell, feel free to take a look at the source code on Codeplex, I guess it'll answer all your questions!
    • Nevermind, worked it out. (using System.Windows.Application)
    • Oops, that'll teach me not to refresh before posting.  Thanks for getting back to me. :)
  • Can't figure out parentPath logic
    5 Posts | Last post July 29, 2015
    • can you please tell me what i need to set for the "closest parent folder depth" and "farthest parent folder depth" in order for the title to display the full file path?  i cant get it to work properly and I've tried every combination of numbers.
      my current pattern is:
      [solutionName] - [parentPath]\[documentName]
    • Hello, you should just set "Farthest parent folder depth" to 99 (a number high enough so that it will capture all ancestors).
    • Remember to wait a few seconds for the settings to be applied.
    • its not working.
      full path:
      Microsoft Visual Studio Premium 2013
      Version 12.0.40629.00 Update 5
      Microsoft .NET Framework
      Version 4.5.51641
      Plugin version is 2.8.1
      i tried reinstalling plugin but that didnt help
    • Thanks for the screenshots. This is by design: as explained in the settings description (at the bottom), [parentPath] is relative to the solution file only, not the document being displayed (which could be very far deep into the solution folder). I understand that you would like to display the document's full path, so I will try to add support for this scenario in a future version. If this is very urgent, feel free to play with the source code on Codeplex (now in C#).
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