Open Data Protocol Visualizer


Provides a visualization of the types, properties, associations, and other objects present in the Entity Data Model (EDM) returned from an WCF Data Service’s metadata endpoint.

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by Pasce | December 12 2012

Great tool - very helpful to document OData APIs.

by slavapvf | June 06 2012

by Smugly | February 03 2012

Doesn't install properly! I can't see the View In Diagram after installing the Extension. Possibly an environment issue?!

by ADefwebserver | January 16 2012

by Daniel Cheida | November 05 2011


by Savil Francis | July 26 2011


by Ed Price - MSFT | June 04 2011

by Taylor. _ | November 16 2010

by IT Business Analyst | August 06 2010

Best tool,thanks

by TM.Nai | May 26 2010

by Moses Soliman | April 06 2010

Awesome, and productive

by Erik Marcell | December 26 2009

Great tool!

by Mary S. _ | December 26 2009

by Jon Persson | December 26 2009

by Enrique Mariani | December 23 2009

One of the best tools I've seen so far to visualize data structure

by Mariamu Kanupa | December 17 2009

Great tool! When it comes to my IDE, I'm a minimalist, but this tool is a must have for any ADO.NET Data Services developer (ooops, I mean Open Data Protocol developer).

by Eduardo Mariani | December 17 2009

This is outstanding. Thank you Microsoft!

by Aadarshini | December 12 2009

by Michael Correa | November 30 2009

I would love to have support for this in C# Express!

by Enrique Gomez Valez | November 30 2009

This is awesome? Is there any plan to localize this to Spanish?

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  • OData v3 support?
    1 Posts | Last post December 12, 2012
    • Are plans to support OData v3?
  • Visual Studio 2012 support?
    1 Posts | Last post August 30, 2012
    • Any plans to port this to VS2012?  How about workarounds?
  • Extending OData Visualizer?
    1 Posts | Last post January 11, 2011
    • Whether OData Visualizer code is open source?
      Is ther any option to extend the OData Visualizer?
  • How do I use the Open Data Protocol Visualizer ?
    6 Posts | Last post November 06, 2010
    • I have loaded the extension, but it doesn't seem to appear anywhere. There are no instruction on how to use it. How do I use it?
    • Go to here to see the tutorial for using ODATA
    • I really have to watch a video just to find where the tool is hidden?  Or is it complex enough that it is not just a "point it at an endpoint" kind of thing?
    • Once you installed this tool you can right-click on any service reference created through the "Add Service Reference" dialog and you'll see a new option in the menu called "View in Diagram". Click on that and the visualizer will come up. Then you can just click on "add all" if you want to see all the elements in the schema, or browse elements and add them as needed.
    • Pablo, i load the extension, but it doesn't appear anywhere, i try to solve the problem but any solution works. 
    • you need to do the work on a WCF Data Service Class and not on a RIA Domain Service class