TypeScript 1.0 Tools for Visual Studio 2012


TypeScript is a language for application-scale JavaScript development.

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by TalleyOuro | July 31 2014

Cool language.I am using it with ajax applications.

by Catalin Manoliu | May 14 2014

by Ryan Cavanaugh | April 11 2014

by NGPearce | April 03 2014

Just a heads up for anyone who also has an issue after upgrading from version 0.97. If your project fails to build and the error refers to the typescript compiler, then check the path. My typescript compiler path was pointing to the old version.

To fix it, manually check the correct path, then unload and edit the visual studio project file.

At the end there is a path to the compiler. You should just need to edit the version specified in the path.

Then save and reload the project.

Hope this helps!

by James Wilkins | April 02 2014

Great work! Really helps protect from bugs when building large scale applications in JavaScript. I just hope that at some point the code for the playground editor can also be made available as a component of some sort. ;)

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  • Error occurs when installing this software
    3 Posts | Last post January 05, 2015
    • Error occurs when I install this software. Message says 'This version of Visual Studio requires a computer with a newer version of Windows.'. Is it a must to use windows 8? My system is windows 7 x64.
    • No, I'm using Win7 and it still works very well.
      1) Update your IE to 10 or higher version.
      2) Update your Windows 7 with ServicePack 1
    • From Logfiles
      [0FDC:03E4][2015-01-05T13:01:57]i052: Condition 'NOT((VersionNT > v6.1) OR (VersionNT = v6.1 AND ServicePackLevel >= 1))' evaluates to true.
      [0FDC:03E4][2015-01-05T13:01:57]i000: MUX:  Stop Block: MinimumOSLevel : This version of Visual Studio requires a computer with a !$!http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=349224&clcid=0x409,newer version of Windows!@!.
      So it need SP-1
  • autocomplete not show
    1 Posts | Last post April 29, 2014
    • why?
      i have already set it to true