VS Settings Switcher by Dave Sexton


Switches between Visual Studio settings automatically when a solution is opened. Also switches or exports settings at the click of a button.

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Visual Studio
2015, 2013, 2012
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by Alexander Zwitbaum | February 04 2016

After installation of this extension the "Find In Files" dialog can not be opened.
Please analyze and fix the issue.

Dave Sexton February 06 2016
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I couldn't repro this issue. Another user reported it once but the problem apparently went away for them on its own:

by Tim Murphy 26tp | February 19 2015

Thank you for this extension. It is exactly what I've wanted for years.

by valamas | February 13 2015

I used to do this in vs2010 using macros pinned to custom toolbar commands. Support for macros was dropped after vs2010. This was the main reason I stayed with vs2010, or at least until I could find or create an extension. There were none around, so I stayed on vs2010.

Dave, your solution not only replaces my macros, but takes it to another level with being able to bind the settings to the solution. Thank you for creating this and hope people discover how awesome this is and hop on board.

Now featured here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28505805/how-to-reset-visual-stidio-settings-to-my-saved-settings-with-just-a-single-shor/28506020#28506020

by Grinn Daddy | May 29 2014

A simple and effective solution for switching between multiple settings files. I use this tool on a daily basis to switch between my multiple monitor configuration and a single monitor configuration when disconnecting my laptop for meetings, or to work from home.