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by Daniil Khritoshin | March 01 2016

It broke new-line behavior for json.
Once I press enter — start of the line is moved to original position, ignoring my tabs/spaces settings.

by lukval | December 02 2015

Great extension! But giving only 1 star because every text-copy operation freezing my VS for about 5 second every time! :(


by Frederic AL Torres | October 10 2015

Version for VS 2015 available at

https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/03bb0b65-204f-4e44-b366-c1cd5e9429b0 and also from VS Extensions and updates menu

by jerry-nixon | September 10 2015

A Visual Studio 2015 version coming?

by Markus Johansson | April 11 2014

Is it possible to configure which files to apply which highlighting for? I have a file thats JSON formated but has a .manifest-extention...

// m

Frederic Torres April 12 2014
| Edit |

I do not know how to do that with the Visual Studio extensibilty api.

by Griffork | February 10 2014

As someone who writes a lot of JSON files - All I can say is a giant THANK YOU!

The author has been amazing at handling requests and responding to bugs, and the extension itself is a life saver.

I will be installing this on any machine I use to make JSON files - no doubt.



Frederic Torres February 11 2014
| Edit |

Thanks for your comment, please post your JSON feature requests.


by klaudyuxxx | July 24 2013

At a first glance it seems to be working, as it should. But small issue...hitting ctrl+X to cut a line OR hitting delete, will cause a pretty big spike in cpu usage and visual studio freezes. Also the autocompletion with double-double quotations doesn't actually work, because the 2nd quotation mark remains selected and by typing the quoted text, you'll overwrite it(the 2nd quotation mark).

Frederic Torres October 27 2013
| Edit |

You can turn the feature on in the visual studio tool options

by pgj99 | July 10 2013

Would be nice if it didn't keep giing json errors and showing plain text files all in pale yellow.

Frederic Torres October 27 2013
| Edit |

You can change the yellow colors in the visual studio tool options, Tab TextHighlighter

by timmerzzz | July 08 2013

I was not able to get it to work. It kept coming up with JSON intellisense load errors and I had to uninstall it.

by MYM]Brooks | May 14 2013

That's what i want tools, Great!

by jwerts | May 13 2013

by StormMaker | April 22 2013

This extension saved me a lot of time dealing with a json file that had a minor syntax error that was hard to spot. If you deal with json install it, it will stay out of your way and help you when you least expect it.

by thezaria | April 10 2013

Frederic Torres April 13 2013
| Edit |

I will look at it. I am working on allowing the customization of the color using the VS Tools -> Options dialog.

by skataben_ | March 31 2013

Using it for .bat files. Works great!

This extension + VS External Tool for running scripts + shortcut key = great productivity boost. http://softblog.violet-tape.net/2011/05/01/launch-of-bat-files-out-of-visual-studio-2010/

The only issue I have is that the Dark theme version of this extension sets the default TXT color to NavajoWhite which makes the edit-mode text in the Watch window near invisible (light text on white background). Changing the default text color from NavajoWhite to Gray in the COLORS_DEFINITION.json file was an easy workaround though.

by yourbuddypal | March 08 2013

I installed this extension to try to help out formatting a 30,000 line (when pretty printed) json file. It did not work out well.

First, when I rebooted VS2012 after the extension installed, it popped up a Yes/No dialog behind the Visual Studio loading dialog. I think this happened because the project was reloading my JSON file that was open when the solution closed. At any rate, the only way I could read the dialog was by using the Autohotkey Spy tool.

After getting past that snafu, the extension attempted to format my file. It succeeded after a delay (> 5 seconds I believe). However, The performance thereafter was terrible. Scrolling more than a few lines in the file brought VS to its knees. My machine is beefy enough where this shouldn't happen, and the extension sadly needs a lot of improvement.

Frederic Torres March 10 2013
| Edit |

Sorry for the issue, the first time the extension is activated it does pop up a message box asking if you are using a black background. And this is not very Visual Studio friendly. I will have to change it.

Regarding the 30 000 lines json file. I will try to execute the JSON validation in a background thread, to avoid blocking Visual Studio.

I appreciate a military slang terms expert like you seems to be.
So you would understand that opening a 30 000 lines json file is TARFU.

That said I appreciate your feedback, and will improve the extension.

by alexey_b | March 08 2013

Nice extension. But it doesn't support not quoted JSON properties. For example:
p1: "p1 value", // this doesn't work
"p2": "p2 value" // this works

Frederic Torres March 10 2013
| Edit |

JSON standard requires the double quote by default.
The extension supports a more relax mode supporting
- no double quote, trailing coma, and // comment by inserting at the top of the file the following comment /* "use relax" */

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  • Version for Visual Studio 2015
    1 Posts | Last post October 10, 2015
    • Version for VS 2015 available at 
      https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/03bb0b65-204f-4e44-b366-c1cd5e9429b0 and also from VS Extensions and updates menu
  • Keyword List
    2 Posts | Last post September 30, 2014
    • Any way to configure the words that are regarded as keywords\commands? For instance if I'm invoking an external program I'd like that to be keyword-ish in colour (rasdial, logman, etc)
    • I found it - KEYWORDS.json
  • Custom INI support
    4 Posts | Last post January 20, 2014
    • Any chance of supporting CPP, C and Perl comments in INI?
      /* */
      Also comments should only start from beginning of line:
      MyKey = Not;A;Comment
      Color = 0;1;1;0.5
      ;Proper comment
          ;Proper comment
      I would go and try to code it myself but no source provided.
      Thanks anyway I like that extension.
    • Support for // and # is available in version 3.3 for VS 2012 and 2013.
      I Also fixed this "Color = 0;1;1;0.5"
      I did not added support for /* */, because multi line comment are a pain to implement. I do not think it is really in the ini file spirit.
    • It works nicely, but is there a way to map additional file extensions to json?
      We have some '.layout' files, from an external system, which are JSON files, but TextHighlighter doesn't recognize them as such.
    • Thanks, is there some release note somewhere?
  • Mapping file extensions to json
    1 Posts | Last post January 16, 2014
    • It works nicely, but is there a way to map additional file extensions to json?
      We have some '.layout' files, from an external system, which are JSON files, but TextHighlighter doesn't recognize them as such.
  • VS2013 support
    4 Posts | Last post January 05, 2014
    • Hi,
      Great addon. Any change for supporting VS2013?
    • I noticed that JSON it is still not supported by VS 2013 even with Windows Essentials. So I guess that is good for the extension.
      Should do it when I have a little bit of free time (around Christmas 2013).
    • Christmas is over ;)
      btw. it works for me if i change the manifest in the vsix to also install it in VS2013
    • Support for VS2013 is available, just click on menu Tools -> Extensions and update -> Select Online and search for TextHighlighterExtension2013.
      Make sure to select the extension created by Frederic Torres.
  • Starting the port 2013 today
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    • Since more and more are asking I am starting today.
  • Open Source
    3 Posts | Last post October 26, 2013
    • Is this plugin open source?
    • No. are you interested in the technology to build language extension for Visual Studio?
    • Hi, I am intrested in the technology to build language extension for Visual studio. Have you already made extension for Visual Studio 2013?
  • Gateway Anti-Virus Alert
    1 Posts | Last post October 09, 2013
    • This request is blocked by the SonicWALL Gateway Anti-Virus Service. Name: Fynloski.A_26 (Trojan)
      Same as her for a while: http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/b0c87e47-f4ee-4935-9a59-f2c81ce692ab
  • Parsing GOTO/CALL labels
    3 Posts | Last post August 20, 2013
    • First, I love your extension.  Thanks for writing this!
      I noticed that "goto <label>" has both intelllisense and coloring, which is great.  But if I do: "goto :<label>" I loose both intellisense and coloring.  It would be nice if I could get the same behavior with or without the colon.
      It would also be nice if "call <label>" and "call :<label>" could both use the same intellisense as goto.   Call can call external entities while goto can't, but adding this to Call can only help since I can still type anything I want.  And adding the coloring can help distinguish external vs internal calls.
      Btw, I've used ":<label>" to distinguish internal calls for quite some time.  It doesn't make much sense with "goto" but it really helps with "call".  And keeping the two consistent helps me be consistent.
    • Just FYI, this feedback is specific to CMD/BAT scripts
    • Thanks for the remarks David, I created the following todo:
      - Highlight variable not used for typo
      - Support goto :label
      - Test call label if this works
      - Add intellisense for keyword call
      	provide intellisense of the current batch files and exe 
      	located in the current folder.
  • Highlight mistyped variables
    3 Posts | Last post August 19, 2013
    • One of my biggest source of mistakes in scripts is mistyping variables.  It would be nice if the highlighting could highlight these differently:
      - Variables that are set but never used.
      - Variables that are used but never set
      - Variables that are set and used
      I know this is stepping outside highlighting into verification, but is it plausible to catch errors if you make an assumption like "Any variables that start with an underscore must be set within the scope of the script"? 
    • My extension deal with JSON not JavaScript. I think you want this for JavaScript text file
    • I'm sorry, I should have stated.  I used this for CMD/BAT script highlighting.
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