Disable No Source Available Tab


This small extension will prevent the tool window with title "No Source Available" from appearing in Visual Studio, and preserve the focus on the currently active tab. Alas, along with brilliant improvements such as IntelliTrace, Visual Studio otherwise displays a tab stating...

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2015, 2013, 2012, 2010
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by Felipe AS | July 08 2015

Great, for all those years that unnecessary tab on my IDE.

Works like a charm.

by RobThicke | April 26 2015

This is the second time I've installed this awesome extension.

Both times, I've tried to make a donation, but the thing won't take donations from me because I am in the U.S.A. (former colony) and it requires me to pick a County from the U.K. Now my conscience won't let me rest until this injustice is taken care of.

mayerwin April 27 2015
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Thanks for your 5-star rating, this is much appreciated! I was able to avoid the County issue by entering an amount to be donated before switching the country. I will try to add a default amount to fix this. Thanks for reporting this bug and your kind support!

by Ondřej | March 13 2015

God bless this extension!
Why it is not out of the box feature in Visual Studio?!

by Oscar Manzelli | July 18 2014

by chriga | May 22 2014

Nice tool, but it breaks still the execution, just without showing the no source available tab.

by Atchoum21 | February 28 2014

Thank you so much. Has been bugging me for so long...

by peter_de_bruijn | May 16 2013

This saves me several minutes a day! That seems trivial but when you have then of these 'bugs' solved productivity really increases. When ever you're around the Netherlands i'll buy you some beers!

by bHosea | January 18 2013

Thank you!!

by VB.Net Prometheus | January 12 2013

Excellent! I was looking for something like this for a while. It was really annoying having to close this tab every time...

by jstevenson72 | January 09 2013

Fantastic! Most annoying "bug" in VS, now fixed!

by aidothedado | December 10 2012

Saves so much time, showing the code I actually want to edit rather than a screen which tells me nothing useful! Thankyou

by Agung Sagita | November 11 2012

simple and perfect, download, install, restart any visual studio already opened, and no more no source tab... thx erwin

by flöle | October 26 2012

Great "adjustment" for VS (also works fine with 2012), and sad that MS itself cannot provide such a simple improvement.

by Jens Granlund | October 17 2012

by emilianobaldo | June 06 2012

by wrk2 | May 08 2012

Great! Thank You!

by PikachuEXE | July 18 2011

Well another great "unextension" :P

by CrisBz | May 31 2011

Very useful! Thank you!

by netsrac | May 17 2011

Excellent !!!

by Jafin | March 28 2011

A tool that should not be needed. But I'm glad it exists!

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  • Cannot edit during debugging
    3 Posts | Last post August 28, 2013
    • After installing this extension - I was no longer able to edit during debug.
      Error: Changes not allowed when unmanaged debugging is allowed.
      I have since uninstalled the extension.  How do I enable editing during debugging?
    • Hi zdrae, this extension should not impact your ability to edit during debug. All it does is detect a new useless tab appearing and close it. You can check the source code on Codeplex to verify.
    • In this source file: http://disablenosourcetab.codeplex.com/SourceControl/latest#DisableNoSourceAvailableTab/DisableNoSourceAvailableTabPackage.vb
      you can see that the only thing this extension does is removing an event handler which target type name is "NoSourceToolWindowAdapter". This should not have side effects such as the one you describe.
      To enable editing during debugging if it has been disabled, you can try following the steps explained here:
  • vs2010 & vs2012
    2 Posts | Last post August 12, 2013
    • i have vs2010 express and vs2012 installed, i wanted your extension installed for the vs2010 but after installing it, vs2010 still the same, it said installed for 2012 but never detected vs2010 install
    • Hi karipori, extensions are not compatible with Express versions of Visual Studio.
  • Other tabs
    6 Posts | Last post September 13, 2012
    • Can the other tabs option be added back in?  I have a need for it?  thx
    • Could you provide more details for your use case? I need to make sure the previous feature is optimal.
    • The latest version release states: "Removed the option to specify extra tab titles to be closed automatically as this is no longer needed. The feature can be reintroduced if some people still find a use for it."
      I work on a solution that is designed in such a way that every time I break in code, a module named "ConsoleHost.cs" appears exactly like the "No Source Available" tab.  Does that help?
    • Thanks, it makes sense. I'll check if I can update the extension accordingly. If you are in a hurry you can also play with the code on Codeplex.
    • Add my request for a VS 2012 version!
    • Hi, I just released a VS 2012 version. However I have not yet re-implemented this feature.
  • Visual Studio 11
    3 Posts | Last post September 13, 2012
    • This has been fabulous on VS2010 - thank you so much!
      Any chance of getting a version for VS11 (beta)?
    • Thanks. I plan to wait for the official release of VS11, in the mean time you can try downloading the source, the VS11 SDK, and maybe modify a few things to make it work (could be just changing the "supported versions" in the package configuration).
    • Hi, I just released a VS 2012 version. Let me know if there is any issue.
  • How to Uninstall?
    2 Posts | Last post May 18, 2012
    • Not certain yet, but I may want to uninstall this.  As pesky as the other screen was, now I'm getting a huge number of "Step into: Stepping over non-user code *" messages when I'm debugging and stepping through code.  Is there any way of avoiding those steps?  If not, can you please tell me how to uninstall this tool?  Thanks for your help!
    • Hello, I have never encountered the behaviour you mention. It may be due to your debug configuration. It is normal that these messages appear in the immediate window, though.
      To uninstall the extension, in Visual Studio, simply go to Tools > Extensions Manager and select the appropriate option there.
  • Does not always work!
    7 Posts | Last post June 03, 2011
    • Thanks for this tool. It works only the first time though. If you debug a project, start and debug again, the window does not close.
    • Hello Nick, thanks for your comment, however I cannot replicate the behavior you mention.
      Do you mean pressing "Pause", then "Play", and then "Pause" again?
      Do you use any other extension that might interfere with the process? 
      Have you tested with another project? Which language/project type is it (Console/Winforms)?
    • Hi there.
      I'm using VB. I just installed VS2010 so no other extensions are installed.
      The first time i pause the project (VS.NET 2008 solution with 3 projects in it, 1 winforms and 2 usercontrols, imported and converted to VS.NET 2010), the window does not appear. If i press play then pause again, the window appears. Stopping the project and restarting it has no effect, the window still appears. Only closing and reopening VS IDE makes the extension work again (once). Sometimes it does not even work the first time.
      The only thing i've done is change some IDE settings (can't remember all of them i'm afraid).
    • Hi. thanks for the tool. can this tool be used for visual Web Developer 2010.
      can i install it VWD 2010
      Thank You
    • Hi Vijay,
      I don't use VWD 2010 so I would not be able to tell, but you can try.
    • Great tool i would love to use it myzelf but saldy i cant get installed i get an error saying "This extension is not installable on any currently installed products", i use visual studio 2010 express, while the extension managher oes work and i cna look in the gallery it cannot find this extension. so it does not work on the express edition it seems
    • Indeed Jarno, it does not work on Express edition (VSIX packages are not supported AFAIK).