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This extension adds the ability to change command images for command UI. The window is broken into two parts. The top consists of a tree view that represents your IDE's command UI structure. It is lazily populated (i.e. when you first expand a node) to save load time an...

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by Mitja Kukovec | April 07 2015

by Yann Duran | April 26 2013

This must have taken a LOT of work. Thanks for doing this in your own time.

by AngloThai Solutions | November 21 2012

Would love this to work properly, as it would be great.
Unfortuantly, it is quitebug ridden.

An example, add "Collapse All Outlining" to say the Edit Toolbar in Customize.
Now try and add an image to it...You can't. Why, because as soon as you move focus over to this extension (the panel) it removes focus from the code window and greys out the Outlineing buttons and the extension will not allow it update the image for disabled menu items (for some reason).
Worse than that though, the only way of knowing is that the text in the extension does not highlight in grey when attempting to drop the image onto it - this is easy to not notice and it has the affect (on occasion) of walking itself up the list to (a seemingly random) other item and changing that one's icon instead.

There are various other little bugs, mostly that are annoying rather than anything else, but could live with those. Really need to fix the lack of ability to change focus based menu items as it severly limits the usefulness of this control.

Real shame really.

by acqq | February 23 2012

I really need to have buttons for my macros, so this feature is a must!

I'm sorry I have to give it three stars since it really forgets already configured buttons very fast. :(

I've set the icons for two macros on the toolbar. Then later I've just moved some other built in button to another place, and both icons are lost, again monster macro names are there instead of the icons.

I see at that there is apparent bug in VS RTM, but I'm using a SP1 (Version 10.0.40219.1 SP1Rel) :(

by Roman Pekhov | July 20 2011

The extention is inapplicable due to disappointing bug:

If you customize a given menu/toolbar across multiple sessions the customizations made in the last sessions will be the only ones to ‘stick’ on shutdown. This means all will likely look well in the UI of Visual Studio after say customizing the image. If you then restart Visual Studio the customizations made to that menu/toolbar will have reverted, except for the ones made in the last session.

by Marek Grzenkowicz | October 22 2010

Only one thing is missing - a simple built-in icon editor (similar to the one from Visual Studio 2008).

by BobH2 | September 03 2010

Downloads and loads in seconds (have to restart VS10).
Just used it to add some bitmaps to a customized tool bar. Seems easy, and it worked.

Excellent for what it does. Would like to see bitmaps grouped by function area so they can be found more easily though.


by George Chakhidze | July 30 2010

by taras_b | July 16 2010

by Steven Wilssens | June 18 2010

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  • Is this extension dead?
    1 Posts | Last post October 18, 2013
    • I haven't seen any updates in a year, and Visual Studio 2012 is impossible to setup with toolbar buttons that don't have icons.  Dynamic text in toolbar buttons is useless and makes them impossible to use.
  • Updated or Open-Sourced?
    1 Posts | Last post April 26, 2013
    • Hi Ryan,
      Did you ever get around to updating this for VS 2012? Or open-sourcing the project?
  • VS11 BETA
    6 Posts | Last post November 07, 2012
    • Does this work with VS11 BETA?
    • Sorry for the late reply, I believe it would need to be updated to say it supports 2012 (VS11), I haven't tried that yet, I will probably do so around/after it releases.
    • Well, I hope so, Ryan. It's been useful to replace a command text with an image instead.
      There's no replacement yet since it's removed in VS2010 (VS10). And I haven't heard words for any plan on its replacement from VS team yet, even in VS2012 (VS11) timeframe.
    • I am in the processing of doing the necessary updates. There was (originally) plans to do some customization improvements in 2012 but they were cut :(  
      I plan on cleaning up the extension code (and hopefully open sourcing it) and adding a few little tweaks for 2012 and then releasing a new version for 2012 and adding any tweaks that make sense back to the 2010 version. 
      Keeping one code base / release would be tricky as to work well in 2012 it needs to be made theme aware, but doing that makes it not able to run on 2010 without a lot of work to try and seperate out the 2012 pieces from the downlevel pieces.  On the bright side there were some bug fixes to the underlying DTE layer/customization stuff so it is faster on 2012 and doesn't have the 'forgetting your customizations' issue (that was a bug in VS 2010 that was not patched in SP1, it is fixed in 2012).
    • @Ryan - I too would love to see this tool for vs2012, ASAP. Thanks for the great work! Any ETA?
    • Not yet, I have had some outside of work (health/family) issues that have been taking the majority of my free-time so I haven't yet updated it to mark it as working in 2012. It needs to be updated not simply just re-released as it needs to be made 'theme aware'. I hope to get around to it soon (say this weekend (fingers crossed)), and to start the internal process of getting approval to open-source it so my lack of time isn't blocking people if they want to extend/enhance it.
  • SSMS 2012
    2 Posts | Last post June 08, 2012
    • Is there a way to make this work for SQL Server Management Studio 2012?  There are a variety of custom buttons I have written.  In 2008 I could add meaningful icons - but not available in SSMS 2010.
    • I don't think SSMS allows for extensions nor is there any way to specify your VSIX can be installed on it (to my knowledge).